“I saw the match win in the last three minutes.”

Since the unprecedented conquest of the NBB 2021/22 title against Flamengo, Erio Garcia hasn’t stopped the day in a historic decision in Poly about a week ago.

After the victory and celebration in Franca’s Central Square, the delegation fulfilled some promises in São Paulo, with the right to parade in convoys and open trucks. In the capital, Helinio and his players attended a meeting at the headquarters of Fiesp (Sao Paulo State Industry Federation) that sealed the renewal of the team’s main sponsors (Magal and Cesi).

Still influenced by the title celebration and being selected as the best coach of Brazilian basketball, Helinho still found time to interview.

To GCN, Helinho said he was particularly pleased with this achievement. Born in Franca, he played and commanded the same team that his father also played and commanded, and still has the color of his land, which was a factor in raising his emotions.

The decisive Thursday began to fill with anxiety. “I woke up at 5:15 am, prayed, and fell asleep until around 6:45 am. Then I started preparing for the game. I went to see more of the Flamengo game and went to training. I went and watched a video. I did pitch work and went home for lunch and a break. Then I went out for coffee as usual and went to the game an hour and a half before the game as usual. I went. The lecture was already assembled in my mind and was within the scope of what we had to do to seek victory and, as a result, to seek the title. ” ..

Franca was the most domestically conquered team in the country, and although the team reached its twelfth title, the club was under pressure to conquer a new version of the national convention, NBB. Trophy. These days it’s not one of the title hunger. Helinio recalls winning the Paulista Championship three times in the Super 8 Cup and the South American League in six years.

“Of course, there was some inconsistent pressure within what was being done, but I think it was a motivational job and was the first 12th Brazilian at NBB. I was very focused on what I was looking for to win one other title.

That night was really special for the fans and for Helinio himself. At the gym stand was his whole family, his uncle, and a former club player. Among them was his father, the legendary Erio Rubens Garcia.

The father and son shared an emotional and long hug in the middle of the courtroom. “When I hugged my father, uncle, wife, and the whole family, it was a very special moment because they are people who are by our side on a daily basis. I accuse you without motivating you. We have a very strong family background and hugging them with our fans was definitely a very special feeling if we won this title. I was expecting. “

Brazil’s best coach now said he couldn’t relax for a second during the match, even if Cesi Franca had a 20-point lead over Flamengo throughout the game. “We won the match in the last three minutes. The game already had 18 or 20 points (advantage for Franca). We are in control and they have a way to reach the score. I realized it wasn’t. But I wasn’t relaxed. On the contrary, I took great care not to do anything wrong. “

Regarding his infamous rivalry with flamengo coach Gustavo de Conti, Helinio said everything was “inside” the game. If it’s different, it doesn’t work very well. Helinio is an assistant to Gustavigno of the Brazilian national team. “Everyone protects the team during the game. We have a good relationship and are very respectful. After the match he congratulated me. As they scored the runner-up, I also congratulated him on his wonderful work. “

It is a noble attitude performed by two highly professional technicians. But Helinio’s smile does not allow anyone to disagree with the obvious facts. Finishing first is much sweeter than “celebrating” the runner-up.

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