«I saw a quick, bossy, aggressive kid there …»: Carlos Fernandez recalls how Amorim discovered “Esugo”-Sporting.

It’s well known that Dario Esugo defeated V. Guimarão in the Alvarade in the 2020/21 season with a minimum margin (1-0) and made his debut in the sporting main team, but now he’s a little more familiar. Has been done. The 17-year-old midfielder entered Ruben Amorim’s radar. A panel of Tomas Morais (Director of Sports Training), Dario Essgo and Carlos Fernandez (Assistant of the main team) beside the 20th Anniversary Ceremony of the Sports Academy to set an example like the idea of ​​37-year-old right-handed Arco Shete. I remembered the history. “When we are in the academy on the day of our internship, we have a habit of spending the day here and watching youth games play. Ruben is watching a training session under the age of 17, he said. I told us. The bossy kid out there, aggressive and technically strong … “I happened to know Dario of another age, but Ruben called me him. I never imagined I wanted it. He called the day after the weekend match. Coaching staff try to talk daily with people in Team B under the age of 19 and 17 … We have informal conversations and always have some of the senior team coaching staff young. I’m watching the game. And be proactive, “emphasized Carlos Fernandez. By the way, Esugo remembers that day as it did yesterday, emphasizing the importance of a good path in the formation of Alvarade. “I was having lunch with my family and I got a call to train my first team. I was nervous right away and fell asleep thinking about what would happen that night. I was really nervous. It was a dream. Someday I can train and play … They gave me the equipment and welcomed everyone to the training. Perfect. The training was hard and I immediately felt a conflict. It was the post-match training. The first team A young midfielder who trains regularly at Academy: “I’m proud to represent my club. It’s my first team. I want to do more. Lots of things every day. There is a story about. Just looking at the training network from the professional side, I dreamed. Someday that side. Children dream of being able to get there someday, and that may happen. . “

In Carlos Fernandez’s opinion, the expectation that various examples of a player’s career need to be dealt with and carefully managed. “At the academy, especially for Ruben, who is an open coach and opposes age-related prejudices. Quality and potential to reach the first team. Whether he is ready now or at another time. Everyone has the ambition to reach the first team. It’s up to us to filter it. Not everyone gets there, but everyone is equal. Some people arrive later or at another club because of quality. It’s part of the history of the academy. For example, Dario enrolled in the academy at the age of eight. He has been in the academy for 16/17 years and that’s the history of the academy. It seems that players like Dario can help us, “he illustrated.

In addition, Amorim’s assistant was clear when analyzing the thinking of the first team. “We call many players. I would like to thank the coaches of the team for their patience. Evolution goes through a lot of surveillance every day. And old players integrate new players. How. It’s very important that everyone feels. It’s part of something. I have the same opportunity. This is the basics. Mr. Ruben wants everyone to understand it. “He emphasized.

Player-oriented model

When explaining how the Sporting team works, Tomaz Morais emphasized that everything was prepared with the utmost care. “There are no two different ways to see the same player. The whole structure needs to have this idea. Athletes need to work where they are, their level, where they are in order to manage their expectations well. There is, and you need to know it. His life doesn’t end here. When you leave here, you’re an athlete. You don’t have time in sports. The next day, you have to do it right away. Hmm. Did we want to be very simple, easy to communicate, focus on the team, think about sports and the DNA of the athletes? We wanted to see the athletes as the essence of the training project. It was best to go for. You can train and hopefully win the weekend. You have a responsibility to win the sport, but you haven’t lost your competitiveness on the weekend. The model that connects them. If you feel there is a formal and competitive reputation, the player is our focus, “he revealed.

Thomas Morais assumed that seeing “the great number of players in the formation” in the title of 2020/21 was a “great joy”, and the “philosophy” and “values” advocated by President Frederico Varandas We have guaranteed that it will lead to such results. The helping hand guarantees the director of the training department. “We serve Team A every day. That’s how I see sports models. I’m glad that sports believe it and give us that vitality. Strategic The plan has been created. We all have to work. Team A’s technical staff can monitor the formation and get there. Everything is perfectly organized and many are next. We were able to reach our team. The step is to maintain Team A. Our job is to support, “he defends.


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