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Met is the victory of the US Open, which has its origins in Augusta National. Mike Walker, a golfer’s coach from his early teens on Matt Fitzpatrick, has been keeping pace with the Masters in 2020.

“Matt was playing with Brooks Koepka and Justin Thomas in the first two rounds,” Walker recalls. “I thought of myself.” It doesn’t matter how straight you can hit seven woods. You can’t beat six irons. “They hit a shot on the 11th. I remember. Matt hit an incredible seven woods, while the other two flicked seven irons. He had to do something about it in order to get where he wanted to go. “

As Walker immediately admits, there is a “warning sign” when a golfer tries to add extra length. Fitzpatrick was already one of the world’s leading players, if not an ultra-elite group. This was a highly regarded tutor who instigated a potentially dangerous switch. Still he needed an additional level. One was displayed when Yorkshire Man raised the US Open trophy at Brookline on Sunday.

“He has been working with Matt Roberts on strength and conditioning for years,” Walker explains. “Matt made him stronger. I went to see Sasho Mackenzie [a biomechanist] On a consultant basis, this is always classified as a risk, but Matt’s pattern did not change. We were trying to speed up his existing pattern without changing his golf swing. Matt is really fast when it comes to rotation, but he doesn’t have much leverage. I don’t think I’ve heard of him again, but one of the areas where he could have fallen was to add lateral movement, which we decided to oppose. did.He did it in the background with his weight in a gym training combination with Matt Roberts and Sasho [fixed to the end of a practice stick called ‘The Stack]..

“He kept that distance and accuracy, so I felt I could compete everywhere. Previously, as a coach you always know your goals and what they want to achieve, but I’m in my hands. I felt tied up a little behind. This could make him a top 10 player and keep him a top 10 player. “

Of course, it’s important to note that Fitzpatrick, who is more analytical than most other players, has admitted that he needs to find additional yards. In the first year of Fitzpatrick as part of the 2013 PGA Tour stats, his average mileage did not reach 280 yards. Now I’m touching 300.

“I feel like Matt has challenged me a lot,” Walker says. “I felt like I was maximizing his potential, but he didn’t see it that way. He’s already in the top 30 in the world and is a batter so long in his size. It wasn’t. He was always crooked like hell in one thing, and it was becoming the top.

“We have agreed on a goal to be in the top 10 in the world this year. I thought it was pretty realistic. But you are not aware that it needs to be some. One of the things I always thought was that if he won the major, it would probably be a national open. I felt it really fits his game. He obviously we I proved it to be correct. “

Fitzpatrick added length to his game to take him to the next level. Photo: Amanda Sabuga / EPA

Fitzpatrick was still in the midst of a celebration when he expressed his desire to achieve six major victories comparable to Nick Faldo’s sum. Walker knows Fitzpatrick better than anyone and knows he doesn’t jokingly. “He will definitely do more,” Walker says. “He’s having a hard time taking a two-day vacation. When the whirlwind subsides in the next few days, he’ll be back soon. He just has a relentless desire to continue improving. Everything this does gives him a major adrenaline shot. “

Walker was at M6 near Birmingham when Wilza Ratris’s putt passed through the 18th hole of the country club and the glory of Fitzpatrick was confirmed. Emotions? just a little. “Let’s just say he made a few grown-up men cry. I may have been one of them.

“My relationship with Matt is more than a player and a coach. I don’t know if I’m the surrogate mother’s brother or the surrogate mother of a very young father. It makes more sense and I work together. I think all the other players doing will understand what I mean. “

Fitzpatrick was so confident in his position and mindset that Walker was able to leave the US Open on the third day. The champion called his coach on Saturday night to discuss the event in Tulsa last month. Fitzpatrick lost a strong position in 54 holes and Thomas won the USPGA Championship. The details of the phone remain secret, but Walker knew he was mentally stable when he saw Fitzpatrick break the opening tee that shot down the fairway. “He didn’t tell me this, but I think the USPGA was a pretty bitter drug for him to swallow,” Walker adds.

If the bond between Fitzpatrick and Walker is undisputed, then the bond between the player and the caddy is also very important. Billy Foster, a world-famous veteran of bag-carrying, cut off his emotional appearance after nearly 40 years of waiting for his big victory.

“Matt is scared of him, or do you call him mutual respect?” Walker says with a laugh. “Billy is a great psychologist I’ve never studied. It’s a cliché, but he knows how to read the situation when he says things at the right time. Add all the experience to it. And … he’s also very hardworking and really paying close attention. They’re both football fans. Their personalities fit really well. “Fitzpatrick found the perfect blend. ..

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