High pressure therapy.What is it, what are the benefits and precautions to take

PI haven’t heard much or anything about this remedy here. It doesn’t do miracles, but the truth is that there is more and more scientific evidence of its benefits. Cristiano Ronaldo uses this type of treatment to speed up recovery from injury. However, the most media-like case occurred in 2019, when Angelo Rodriguez was hospitalized, following an infection caused by a testosterone injection that the actor himself administered for aesthetic reasons. At risk of amputation, high pressure therapy saved his left foot.

Maria Gameiro, director of the Cascais High Pressure Center, said: Minute lifestyle, Its hyperbaric oxygen therapy is “a type of non-invasive medical therapy in which the patient is exposed to inhalation of 100% pure oxygen”. The patient is placed in a pressurized chamber, recreating a deep environment as if diving. result? The increase in oxygen carried by the blood speeds up the healing process.

What is high pressure therapy?

High-pressure medicine is a medical field dedicated to researching, adjusting, and prescribing the therapeutic applications of oxygen in high-pressure environments, that is, environments with higher pressures than we feel on a daily basis.

There is little information in Portuguese and what is there is always very technical!

What does it consist of?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a type of non-invasive medical therapy in which the patient inhales pure oxygen at a pressure above atmospheric pressure at 100% (usually breathing at about 21%).

Maria Luis Gameiro

And what exactly is it about?

This type of treatment has a variety of uses. Oxygen inhaled at high pressure is diluted with plasma to reach areas of the body that cannot be reached otherwise. These high levels of oxygen produce anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous detoxification effects, contribute to the formation of new blood vessels and stimulate collagen formation. This means, for example, an increase in healing rate.

This is a technique that is little known in Portugal. because?

I don’t know exactly why. Probably because there was no high-pressure medical center in front of us with a single-seat chamber and an emphasis on the transmission and dissemination of treatment. These treatments were initially performed in a military hospital environment for divers, after which the United Kingdom National Health Service (SNS) began using military services to carry them out for other medical conditions. In the United States in 2016, when doctors included these treatments in their surgical protocols in a personal situation, I noticed and felt their benefits, but I had never heard of them, so I investigated. I was surprised. It was unknown in Portugal and was available outside of social media. This was the motto for the creation of this center and the dissemination of what these treatments offer. There is little information in Portuguese and what is there is always very technical!

What problems are currently prescribed for treatment?

This type of treatment has a variety of uses, including sudden hearing loss, healing, preparation for different types of surgery (before and after surgery), diabetic leg injuries, radiation therapy injuries, sports medicine, pain, and trauma. .. Science has evolved significantly in the field of neurology, and there are recent studies with very promising results that adults suffering from dementia will show improvement with this treatment. People who are ill, it is essential, and often essential, can do this treatment. The same is true, for example, for healthy people seeking the well-being of dementia and future prevention or improvement of sports performance.

Although it is not exempt from medical contraindications, it is a very safe medical procedure.

What benefits does it offer?

Oxygen is life and the benefits are endless! It is a non-invasive treatment in which oxygen acts in anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, anti-blood-sucking and detoxifying ways, with a positive generic effect on the whole body. In other words, it works for that reason. Not only for treatment, but also for our general condition. Some people get infectious diseases, sleep well, and get well. It’s a very complete cure.

Is there any danger?

Although it is not exempt from medical contraindications, it is a very safe medical procedure and therefore there is a need for medical management performed by high pressure therapy specialists to minimize these risks. Patients must ensure that their treatment is always accompanied by a nurse and is prescribed by a physician with the ability of high pressure medical care given by the Portuguese Medical Association.

What precautions do I need to take?

Treatment in a high-pressure environment uses 100% high-pressure, pure medical oxygen, so safety measures need to be significantly enhanced. You cannot enter with mobile phones, other electronic devices or metal. In addition, entry into the chamber should only be done with 100% cotton clothing available at the high pressure center during treatment. The room in which the camera is located also requires safety specifications regarding the amplitude, isolation, and control of oxygen in the air.

What myth do you need to solve the mystery?

Perhaps it’s a new myth. In fact, it’s not! This is a treatment that has been used for many years, and fortunately there are new applications where science has benefited us.

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