Have you been vaccinated and infected with Covid?You can be more protected

Previous Covid infections halved the risk of symptomatic reinfection with Omicron, according to a peer review study that analyzed health data from the entire Qatar population (2.9 million) from December 2021 to February 2022. I was allowed to.

Previous Covid infections provided protection More “durable” Against infection by Omicron variants than two or three doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine-but vaccination and protection after previous infections New England Journal of Medicine On Wednesday (15), the benefits of vaccination for all were highlighted as the number of new cases increased.

Previous Covid infection A peer-reviewed study of health data from the entire Qatar population (2.9 million) from December 2021 to February 2022 halved the risk of symptomatic reinfection with Ômicron.

Researchers said the defense against reinfection was “moderate and durable,” with results similar for Omicron subvariants BA.1 and BA.2. Post-vaccination protection disappeared “rapidly” and was “negligible” after primary vaccination (two doses of Pfizer or Modena mRNA vaccine), about 60% after booster immunization, but researchers. Most of them are the second dose more than 6 months ago and the third dose within the last 45 days.

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Hybrid immunization after vaccination and infection Reinfection, about 50% after primary vaccination, about 80% after booster immunization. The findings emphasize the “benefits of vaccination” even in previously infected people. Protection varies significantly, but researchers emphasize that previous infections, vaccinations, and hybrid immunity provide equally high levels of protection (about 70%) for serious or fatal illnesses. did.

This finding is consistent with increasing research revealing the powerful protective effects that come after vaccination and infection. She emphasizes the benefits of being vaccinated, even if you already have Covid-19. She also emphasizes the temporary nature of some aspects of vaccine-derived protection, as highly infectious Omicron variants have emerged worldwide, regardless of the scope of the vaccine.

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Experts do not fully understand why natural infections provide more durable immunity, which can vary depending on which mutant a person is infected with. The study also included people infected with mutants that were prevalent before the waves of Omicron hit Qatar.

This more durable as scientists and public health officials prepare the next-generation vaccine for early booster campaigns and face a new wave of Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5. I am trying to understand how to reproduce some innate immunity. Ground. In the US and Europe. Evidence suggests that, unlike previous variants, infection with Omicron may not provide much protection against subsequent infections.

Researchers have observed the degree of protection of hybrid immunity after boosters Protection against infection and vaccination appeared to have two separate layers, as if they acted independently rather than through synergistic or similar mechanisms. This was also observed among those who were previously infected and vaccinated but not given booster immunity, and those who had the same level of protection as those who had just been infected in the past (primary vaccine). It suggests that protection from inoculation has diminished over time). The “impressive” findings “need to be further investigated” to better understand how the two forms of immunity interact, the researchers added.

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