Gustavo de Conti, in the face of Fla Basquete another year ago, declares, “It’s an honor.”

He stays! Gustavo de Conti will continue to be responsible for Fla Basquete for the 2022/23 season. The coach has been marked in the history of Lubronegro with the Champions League of Americas, two NBBs, two Super 8 Cups, four State Cups, as well as a world title that won in February. And he wants more.

“Our goal is always the same. Fighting for every title. That’s what we’ve been doing for years and in the finals of every championship we play. We’ve reached most. We’ve reached our biggest goal of last season, the Double World Championship. We’ve made history. In addition, we’ve also played in another Champions League. We won this season. Doing is a big goal for the team. I want to re-enter the Intercontinental Cup so I can fight for a try, “Deconti said.

“Gustavinho is a prominent coach and I believe he can shine not only in Flamengo but also in the Brazilian national team. He believes in returning Brazil to the Olympics and is very proud of our coaching team. Gustavo and Bernardinho, Georgette Vidor and many other athletes can serve as sports commanders. In addition, he has red-black DNA and a flamengo face. His place is by our side. “It’s in”, congratulating the Vice President of Olympic Sports. Flamengo, Guilherme Kroll.

Gustaviño, four-time coach of the year, elected by the National Basketball League (LNB), reached Mais Querido in 2018 and is now in his fifth season at the top of the Pride of the Nation.

“I’m honored to have such a long and successful stint in a club as big as Flamengo. I know that the board trusts my work and I’m always in that trust. We are trying to meet. The technical committee is at the highest level, the structure and conditions are excellent, all of which make the work very easy. The pressure on the results is constant and immeasurable. It’s perfect for me. And in addition to the great motivation to always do our best, “he commented.

The next season’s coach staff will continue with assistant coaches Fernando Pereira, Cristiano Pereira, Fred Santos, physical trainers Bruno Nicolasi and Vinissius Lima, and physiotherapist Ricardo Machado.

The Clube de Regatas do Flamengo basketball team relies on resources from sponsors (BRB, MOSS, TIM, ABCda Construção, PixBet, AmBev, Rede D’or, IRB Brasil RE, CSN, Brasil Plural, EY). Support from the Ministry of Sport (IR) and the State Incentives Act / State Secretariat (Seelje) for Sports, Leisure and Youth in Rio de Janeiro, and the Brazilian Club Commission (CBC).

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