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The Minas Tennis Club and Gui Santos of the Brazilian National Team were named Golden State Warriors in 55th place in the 2022 NBA Draft in New York on Thursday night. The contract is not yet guaranteed as it is a choice in the second round (31st to 58th). Nevertheless, the rights of young players now belong to the current champion of the world’s largest basketball league.

The trend is for Gui to start his basketball career in the United States through the NBA’s development league, the G League. You could stay in Brazil for another year or play the season in another foreign league. The player wasn’t at the draft location, Barclays Center, but was celebrated on social media.We also won the welcome of the new team (refer to the following)..

Gui Santos NBA — Photo: Duplicate Instagram

The 20-year-old young wing, completed this Wednesday, is unlikely to soon be on the Warriors’ main list. However, Gui has recently enjoyed training at Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and the company’s team facilities. The Golden State was one of the 10 franchises that received Brazilians for activities before the draft.

The Warriors also previously sent a scout to Brazil to observe training and performance by Minas’s 2.02m, 95kg athlete. In 2021, he was named NBB’s Highlight Young’s Most Evolving Player. In 2022, he won the Sixman of the Year, averaging 10.1 points, 5.1 rebounds and 2 assists.

Brazil already had two athletes in the NBA. Raulnetoneto, who played for the Washington Wizards last season, and Diddy Rouzada for the Portland Trail Blazers. Guy Santos is the 16th player in the country to be drafted. Paulao Prestes, Oscar Schmidt and Markinhos Abdala passed the sieve but did not enter the league. Check the list below.

Brazilians drafted in the NBA

2022- Guisantos (Golden State Warriors-55th)
2019- Marcos Lousada (Atlanta Hawks – 35th)
2014- Bruno Caboclo (Toronto Raptors – 20th)
2013- Raul Neto (Atlanta Hawks – 47th)
2013- Lucas Nogueira (Boston Celtics – 16th)
2012- Fab Melo (Boston Celtics – 22nd)
2010- Paulon Prestes (Minnesota Timberwolves – 45th)
2007- Tiago Splitter (San Antonio Spurs – 28th)
2006- Marquinhos Vieira (New Orleans / Oklahoma City Hornets – 43rd)
2004- Anderson Varejao (Orlando Magic – 30th)
2004- Rafael Araújo (Toronto Raptors – 8th)
2003- Leandro Barbosa (San Antonio Spurs – 28th)
2002- Cheerful baby (New York Knicks-7th)
1988- Rolandau Ferreira (Portland Trail Blazers – 26th)
1984- Oscar Schmidt (New Jersey Nets – 131st)
1976- Markinhos Abdala (Portland Trail Blazers – 162nd)

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