Grant Hill explains why LeBron James has been neglected in his career


One of the oldest debates in the sports world is who is the best player ever.

In recent years, when it comes to basketball, this debate has evolved into a debate about whether LeBron James is comparable to or better than Michael Jordan.

This debate tends towards cross-generational tastes, as young people are likely to put Revlon in the top three, or even the top, but older people tend to think Jordan is the best ever. ..

Former NBA star Grant Hill thinks Jordan is the best, but some say Lebron is too despised.

“… In my opinion, Jordan is GOAT, but I hate conversation because we beat each other to justify it. Lebron is great. What he did – very much I don’t think Michael Jordan had to endure the pressure from a young age, the way he lived up to his expectations, and what he took to secure his post … Jordan didn’t have to experience it. I don’t think older people who love Jordan fully understand what Lebron did in this environment and how he did things out of court. He took it to the next level. Raised – empowered friends and built different platforms … I really admire him as a player and the face of the league for many years, but as much as Lebron James. No player has endured the abuse and injuries. “

Throughout Jordan’s career, he has been loved around the world and fans and the media have warmly accepted him for many years as the league’s standard athletic excellence player.

For much of Revlon’s career, he enjoys similar perceptions, but in recent years his emotions have been polarized for some reason.

Lakers fans seem to have a love / hate relationship with him. They appreciate the fact that he brought them the latest NBA championships and made the team relevant again, but many of them have his disproportionate control over personal decisions. He despises and accuses him of prioritizing his personal goals over the team’s goals.

Perhaps this all changes over time and even more when the player retires.

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