Golden State Warriors Needs

O Jumper Brazil The Golden State Warriors continue their current team, the daily series “Draft 2022: The Needs of All Teams.” After all, the San Francisco team has the privilege of making the 28th pick in this year’s draft.

2022 Draft: Golden State Warriors Needs

Next season’s team (8 athletes with guaranteed contracts)

PG: Stephen Curry (34 years old, $ 48.1 million) / Jordan Poole (23 years old, $ 3.9 million expiration date)
SG: Klay Thompson (32 years old, $ 40.6 million) / Moses Moody (20 years old, $ 3.7 million)
SCIENCE FICTION: Andrew Wiggins (27 years old, $ 33.6 million expiration date) / Jonathan Kuminga (19 years old, $ 5.7 million)
Federal Police: Draymond Green (32 years old, $ 25.8 million)
Ç: Ç: James Wiseman (21 years old, $ 9.6 million)

Average age: 26 years
Salary: US $ 171 million
Free contract player: Kevon Looney (C, 26 years old, unlimited), Gary Payton II (PG / SG, 29 years old, unlimited), Andre Iguodala (SG / SF, 38 years old, unlimited), Otto Porter (SF / PF, 29 years old) old, Unlimited), Nemanja Bjelica (PF, 34 years old, unlimited), Juan Toscano-Anderson (PF, 29 years old, unlimited), Damion Lee (SG, 29 years old, unlimited), Chris Chiozza (PG, 26 years old) old, restricted None), Quinndary Weatherspoon (SG, 25 years old, limited)
Salary exception: Intermediate level For the paying team Luxury tax (US $ 6.4 million), Trade exception ($ 1.8 million – valid until July 7, 2010)

Required position: C, PF, SG, PG

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Team needs

Pivot to supply the potential loss of Kevon Looney. This 26-year-old will be an unlimited free agent this offseason. In other words, you can sign up with any team in the league. Another athlete in that position, James Wiseman, comes from a long period of inactivity.

An excellent border defender to offset the potential loss of the precious Gary Payton II.

Another pivot. After all, Nemanya Bierica and Otto Porter are unlimited free agents and there is no certainty that they will return to the next season in San Francisco.

Pick in the 2022 Draft: 28, 51, 57

Most recommended prospects

* Pick 28

Jake Larabia (SF / PF, Wake Forest, 20 years old): LaRavia Combo forward People with high basketball IQ on both sides of the court. In addition to being an above average passerby for the player in that position, he is noted for his excellence in cutting into baskets. In addition, he has accurate footwork and an efficient game with his back to the basket.

Christian Koloko (C, Arizona, 21 years old): The Cameroonian stands out for his maneuverability, ease of marking changes, and efficiency of rim protection.In addition, Koroko has great momentum (and timing (For distributing stumps), it is considered one of the best vertical spacers in its class.

Trevor Keels (SG, Duke, 18 years old): Kiehl’s stands out for his strength. In addition, he shows an excellent finish under contact and digging fouls.Finally, it’s a quality trainer Pick and roll “Pitbull” for individual tags.

Darren Terry (SG, Arizona, 19 years old): One of the best border defenders in class, Terry has the highest pass and position heights.Finally, he shows excellence as follows: cutter..

Christian brown (SG / SF, Kansas, 20 years old): 2022 college champion Brown stands out for his off-the-ball moves and is a wing that has the potential to be a solid player. 3- and -D In the NBA.In addition, Brown feels easy to attack Closeout Never escape from a physical game.

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