“Go up, raise the balloon”: It’s now the highest-priced diesel ever.View official price

It has been confirmed that diesel was slightly above 13 cents and gasoline was slightly down this Monday.No matter what you do, you have never paid so much for a liter of diesel

It was a weekend of intense heat, crowded beaches on the coast, a popular march in Lisbon … and long lines at the airport, emergency services for missing hospitals and increased fuel. If many Lisbons took a four-day mini-vacation this Monday’s city holiday and filled the tank on their way home, they paid an additional 13 cents per liter of diesel on their way home.

The famous song “sobe up, balloon up”, which Manuela Bravo won at the festival of songs, seems to be true, but it is a reality, not a wish. Friday’s estimates were met, as shown in the official data from the Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG) released the day before this Tuesday.

Diesel is now at its highest value ever, mimicking what happened to gasoline a week ago.

Upa, Upa Diesel

From one Monday to the next Simple diesel rose 13.1 cents per literThe average price for mainland Portugal is € 2,024.already Special diesel rose 13.3 cents per literTo € 2,063 this Monday.

THE Simple petrol 95 reduced by 0.1 cents per literUp to 2.17 euros. THE Special gasoline 95 cents down 1.5 centsUp to € 2,193 per liter.

For more expensive fuels 98 Gasoline rose 1.3 cents per literThe average price for this Monday in mainland Portugal is € 2,319. THE Special gasoline 98 cents down 0.6 centsUp to € 2,339 per liter.

With these values, diesel will reach the highest selling price ever. The previous record was € 2.01 per liter and was carried out between March 30th and April 1st. At the time, the government had not planned to cut taxes on petroleum products, so current prices will not only be 1.4 cents higher than they were then, but would be even higher if the government did not cut taxes. ..

Even with low taxes, simple diesel has already risen 36% in 2022, an additional 53 cents per liter.

Meanwhile, Simple Gasoline 95 also reached its highest selling price for the general public when it reached € 2,188 per liter last Wednesday.

War makes everything expensive

Fuel prices have risen by about 20% since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, and diesel was once again the most expensive fuel after a sharp rise on Monday.

The price difference between gasoline and diesel has thus been reduced again. When the difference a week ago was 27.8 cents, the cost of a liter of simple diesel is now averaging 14.6 cents lower.

The international cost of oil, measured by the Brent Index, was $ 123 per barrel on Tuesday morning. This means an increase of almost 30% since the invasion of Ukraine began. But at the same time, the dollar rose about 7% against the euro, so the increase in oil measured in the euro is almost 40%.


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