Garlic water: What is it for?See its benefits and how to prepare for it

Rio de Janeiro, June 19, 2022, Marcel Ferreira – Is your immunity low? Is there a problem with your immune system?Want to know a homemade formula that uses only Garlic water And will it help you not only solve these problems, but also improve your health?

Today, from Matt Grosso Aerogros, we’ll take a closer look at how water can be used to enhance the effectiveness of garlic and show where this mixture acts as a defense against a variety of health problems.

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First, you only need two things to create this supermix:

  • 1 piece of garlic;
  • 100 mL of water;

Crush the garlic before going to bed, chop it and put it in a glass of 100 ml of water. It takes eight hours to get ready, so now I need to fast and drink only when I wake up. So it’s a good idea to prepare before going to bed.

What are the benefits of garlic water?

Garlic is a food that has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cholesterol properties and strengthens the structure of nails and hair.

First, it improves the body’s defenses. It helps eliminate toxins, intestinal parasites, and even factors that lead to cancer, infections, and even depression.

And that’s not all, it helps regulate your blood pressure and heart rate in addition to providing agents that strengthen other organs in your body, such as your gallbladder. This leads to the belief that garlic improves human physical fitness.

However, according to nutritionist Roberto Teisheira, journalist Marina Borges consulted in her article. Does garlic water boost immunity?See benefits, myths, how-tos (June 7, 2020), for the website Eu, Atleta da Globo, garlic prevents high blood pressure and dilates blood vessels. Therefore, this helps the heart contract and reduces the effort and frequency of this organ.

In a sense, the properties of garlic can benefit athletes’ performance. However, not all have been proven with proper testing at this time.

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Garlic water: What is it for? See its benefits and how to prepare – Source: Canva

What precautions should I take?

As we have seen, garlic is a natural antibiotic that strengthens your biological system. However, like other medicines, taking too much can be poisonous.

Eating too much garlic increases the risk of bleeding. Therefore, doctors do not recommend taking it for a week before and after surgery.

Also, if you are taking anticoagulants or are experiencing any bleeding, ban foods that contain garlic. Because garlic prevents the formation of blood clots.

Garlic is also contraindicated in people with blood clotting problems, thrombosis, and low blood pressure. In addition to those taking heart medicine, high blood pressure, retroviruses, contraceptives, and antibiotics.

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