Gareth Southgate is responsible for the defeat of “punishment” by Hungary | Nations League

Gareth Southgate was fully responsible for England’s defeat against Hungary, which he described as a “punishing night.”

This is England’s biggest defeat in its own country since 1928 and has achieved a series of intriguing Nations League results in the last 11 days. Hungary’s overwhelming victory in Molinyu meant they doubled the side of the South Gate. The South Gate side also drew with Germany and Italy. None of these games scored goals from open play, resulting in a compelling defeat to the side that is barely ranked among the world’s elite before the World Cup begins in November, which is unpleasant. Ask a question.

“It’s a tough night,” Southgate said. “We haven’t lost many games. When you lose so much in England, it will be very, very painful.

“I [the players] Especially in the two games in Hungary, I chose a team that tried to balance the teams and give young players a chance, but I couldn’t balance them, so at the level needed to win those games. Could not perform performance. “

Southgate has made nine changes from the Italian match, but Harry Kane, Kyle Walker, John Stones, Kalvin Phillips and Bukayo Saka have begun regulars. “The players were great,” said the manager. “It’s my responsibility. It was very difficult to get the strongest team in every match, so I used it to prepare for Qatar. But of course, nights like tonight are very difficult and It’s entirely up to me, so it’s important to get rid of it from their shoulders. “

When Hungary turned the screw in the second half, the crowd did not keep their discomfort secret. The chanting “I don’t know what you’re doing” spread, and I heard a cat call from the stand. It was far from the compliments piled up at Southgate for much of his tenure, and he admitted that the criticism was “unpleasant” while accepting that it was attached to the territory. rice field.

“We have to accept that the next period will be unpleasant and unpleasant, but we haven’t had six years like us, and we haven’t had a difficult night,” he said.

“I knew its role before taking it. I would say [the change in tone] It happened in 10 days instead of 11 months, but I saw all of my predecessors experiencing it. Great people like Sir Bobby Robson, what he had to experience, and how he was ultimately seen in leading the team to the world. Cup semi-final.

“Soccer is emotional. People come to see and give their opinion. The team couldn’t deliver tonight, it’s my responsibility, so if the flakes come my way , I have to deal with it. “

Southgate became worried five months after the opening round of the World Cup, but his confidence in England’s outlook has not been hit. “We’ve always said we’re one of a group of teams that we can push in the winter,” he said. “I don’t think it’s different. Other big teams had a difficult time at this tournament. It was a really unique set of situations for every country to deal with. I’m across Europe I’m looking at the balance, but there are many countries in a similar situation. “

Hungarian manager Marco Rossi said he saw his team at the top of Nations League Group A3 and saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Wednesday night to celebrate the famous victory. “I hope I’ll be as late as possible when I die. I have a minute of silence at the Hungarian stadium and I hope this will be a big achievement for me,” he said of the importance of victory. rice field.

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