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THe had a really shocking revelation about the dire approach of the French police in the Champions League final in Paris, clearly visible in the first flawed official report near the disaster released last Friday. .. Perhaps unknowingly, Michel Cadot, an official working for the French Ministry of Sports, most clearly clarified why the evening of European football masterpieces fell into brutality and confusion.

The pre-match police “intelligence” sentence is like why police officers used so much tools, and not the guardian of the safety of the fans in attendance, but the defender of the civilization’s self-appointed last ditch. Provided a first glimpse of the explanation of why they acted on the glittering finals with hope in their hearts.

It seems to confirm the worst suspicions of Liverpool and its supporters. Police in Paris note that they were preparing for the 2022 Champions League final, citing the 1989 Hillsborough tragedy. In Hillsboro, 97 people were illegally killed in horrific situations and Liverpool supporters acted bravely as police made gross mistakes in managing the match. However, French police said that due to the historic disaster, safety failures were the cause of death, “to be able to respond to the risk of the hooligan’s collective phenomenon, the order of riot equipment. We need a solid police arrangement to maintain it. ” And a big mess. “

There are two broad ways this has been catastrophically misunderstood. The first and most obvious, stinging ignorance caused new attacks and despair on the bereaved families of Hillsborough’s family and survivors who established the truth through a 27-year justice campaign against South Yorkshire police lies. The second shows a slower failure of intelligence and planning. Why was the police in Paris thinking about Hillsboro? What happened 33 years ago to prepare for this final in these modern, expensive, technical and safety-regulated football eras where the highest ticket price was 690 euros Did you get confused by the ignorant view of what?

Since then, Liverpool has been playing football every season. They played against Paris Saint-Germain in the French capital. As noted in Kadot’s report, they generally do not cause problems, but did police somehow put themselves into a riot because of the 1989 disaster?

Cadot is the representative of the Ministry of Sports reporting to Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, doubling the official claim while accepting the need to “improve the organization of these tricky games”. Thousands of Liverpool supporters with fake tickets were an important part of the problem. His report supports her claim, admitting the organizational turmoil in the Stade de France, but allegedly a misleading jumble of numbers and evidence. However, he states that the “intelligence” of Hillsboro’s passage is only as if it were valid and does not indicate a gross negligence in the preparation of the police in Paris.

This is close to the May 28 catastrophe, as Liverpool and Real Madrid want to be useless so far, and require a thorough, independent and transparent investigation. The chambolic organization raises urgent questions about Uefa’s own abilities, but the dreaded police and the French government’s indulgence in it broadcast a disturbing picture of France itself. So far, the ministers seem to be vaguely accepting this, recognizing that their efforts to blame Liverpool’s supporters have been unsuccessful, and that the turmoil was embarrassing of the country’s image. Must be acknowledged with resentment. Much more serious than that. The scene shocked the world.

Liverpool fans sing You’ll Never Walk Alone while the French riot police are watching. Photo: Tom Jenkins / Guardian

To be clear, advanced intelligence is, of course, a routine and necessary part of planning a soccer match. However, it is unlikely that the French police have received such nonsense about Hillsboro from other organizations involved in the project.

Jeff Pearson, a law professor at the University of Manchester and an expert in behavior and safety regulation for football fans, explains that French police have had riot police in football games for many years.

“This happens regardless of intelligence, so I have a big unanswered question about why the French police are deploying riot equipment, but I don’t think it will change anytime soon.”

The real intelligence has probably informed police that Liverpool proponents who pay for them to travel to Paris are like those who have expressed fear of what their dream trip has become. Probably. Dad bought a valuable ticket as a gift for his 11-year-old son. Tiagas at the ticket gate.. Many middle-aged people were detained for hours in these static lines, then delayed by the Uefa, and officially accused of being part of a mass ticket fraud, on the return Sandoni night. He was violently attacked and robbed.

Stone-faced policemen wielding pepper spray would not have considered in their Hillsboro “intelligence” the reality that the 1989 disaster had 24,000 Liverpool supporters. At that time, football was more affordable, so many were young, including many of the 97 who died. Tickets for the Leppings Lane terrace are £ 6. As a result, many of the survivors of that terrible day were still Liverpool supporters in their 50s and 60s, playing in games in Paris. Many experts say that the trauma and collective memory of Hillsboro contribute to the “exemplary” behavior of supporters, as the Merseyside Police explained, and the horrifying bottle that the French police fall into another deadly clash. I observed that I prevented the neck.

But that should never be the case. The true intelligence about Hillsboro should inform police and stewards that they are left to the safety of those who have been disastrously disappointed in the past and are still suffering from trauma.

Just as there remains a terribly flawed understanding of the truth about Hillsboro, it is regulated by law, so an understanding of a complete overhaul of safety is inadequate. The terrible twist is that the French police’s ignorance of Hillsboro was about to cause another disaster because they couldn’t focus on the safe flow of visitors in preparation for the riots. Rail strike.

Both Liverpool and Real Madrid are still in the terms of an “independent review” set in a hurry two days later, as well as the expertise and aptitude of their appointed chair, Dr. Tiago Brandon Rodriguez, the MP of Portugal. I’m not satisfied. Neither Liverpool executives nor clubs have contributed, and given that there is little evidence of evidence on which it is based, we are seriously concerned about the Cadot report.

The true intelligence of Hillsboro incorporates an institutional understanding that an independent investigation by a powerful judge, Sir Taylor, continued. He established the essential truth and identified many dangerous factors that caused the disaster that had been waiting for it for years. Thirty-three years later, eight people were killed in a disaster at the Africa Cup of Nations stadium, and European football is no longer in danger. Still, the apparently needed thorough, independent and transparent investigation is still a distant outlook, and the immediate formal urge to blame the victims has clearly endured the test of time.

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