Fiocruz Lab will be a reference for monkeypox

The Enterovirus Institute of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC / Fiocruz) has been nominated as a reference laboratory of the Ministry of Health (MS) for the analysis of samples suspected of having monkeypox (MS).Monkeypox). The unit analyzes materials collected throughout Rio de Janeiro and the northeastern region.

This appointment will increase the reference network in laboratory diagnosis of diseases in the country. The Ezekiel Diaz Foundation in Minas Gerais was already part of the network. Adolfo Lutz Institute in Sao Paulo. Through the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Institute of Molecular Biology and Molecular Virology of Viruses.

Edson Elias, head of the IOC’s Enterovirus Institute, emphasized that the Fiocruz experience contributes to Brazil’s accurate response to outbreaks as the virus grows rapidly around the world. Last week, the Fiocrus Institute provided training to medical professionals in Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela on how to perform tests to detect illness.

According to the Ministry of Health, as of March 15, 2022, there were sudden fever, swollen lymph nodes, rashes, suspected or possible cases of individuals of all ages. .. You should also be aware of close and long-term exposure without respiratory protection, direct physical contact, including sexual contact, or contact with contaminants such as clothing and bedding. Monkeypox..

It is also important to note the history of travel to endemic countries or countries where cases of endemic diseases have been identified in Central and West Africa. Cases were also recorded this year in Europe and the Americas. By Tuesday (14) this week, more than 1,700 cases have been identified in 36 countries, including the United Kingdom (470), Spain (275), Portugal (231) and Germany (229). In the Americas, cases were diagnosed in Canada (123), the United States (65), Argentina (3), Mexico (2), and Venezuela (1). In Brazil, there are already four positive cases.

Despite its name, the disease is not derived from the monkeypox virus. Primates, like humans, can only get sick. It is currently unknown which animals carry the virus in the wild, but rodents are believed to be involved in the spread of the disease in Africa.

The transmission of the virus from animals to humans can occur by chewing or scratching, dealing with wild games, or using products made from infected animals. Human-to-human transmission occurs primarily through direct contact such as kissing or hugging, or through infectious wounds, crusts, fluids, and respiratory secretions during prolonged personal contact. ..

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