FC Porto’s director responds to Ivan Almeida’s “clown”. “Available in black, white and yellow”-basketball

Afonso Barros, FC Porto Basketball Technical Director, Racist accusations revealed by Ivan Almeida, Benfica player, in the third match of the playoff final, at the Dragan Arena. For the blue and white officials, “there was no racism,” and what the Eagles Cape Verde player did was even guaranteed to be “a joke.” “In the third game, as far as I know, there was no racism from the stands. Often there was a comment that the opponent was insulted and called everything, but we all did that. I know it’s part of the heat of the moment because the fans are defending the club to death. I talked to racism with Benfica’s management, but they told me that It means that expressions like “go to your land” were used. Can be used in black, white, yellow, or with anyone. I have to say that there was no racism in FC Porto. There is no racial discrimination. Great ethnic and religious diversity. This was one of the pointless criticisms, and what Ivan Almeida did here was a joke. It was a provocation to the fans. The reaction between Max Landis and Joan Soares is a shirt-feeling person, as FC Porto fans deserve a lot of respect. There are both good players and bad characters that Ivan regrets having. That caused the whole situation, and all I had to do was look at the faces of Benfica’s leaders and understand their shame on their attitude. Now, whenever you come to the Dragan Arena, you will certainly have the proper answer given by our fans, “he defended in a statement to the Porto Canal, in blue and white. Transcribed by the website. “Or” monkey “. From the Dragon Arena bench.

At the sport level, Barros assumed Benfica to be the “fair winner” of the championship.

“Preparing for Game 4 is very complicated and emotionally speaking. We got together in a good way in FC Porto, but it was scary at first. The first partial 0-10 moved the team a lot. Still, the first half But back from the locker room, Charlon Kloof was injured. You don’t have to be here to justify the defeat, you need to credit the person who has it, but two of them Two injuries [Kloof e Mike Morrison] Please mark a lot of this final. Benfica had two top and fresh players. Dennis Clifford, who peaks in the finals, and Ivan Almeida, who must say about his personality, are excellent players who have made a lot of difference. Congratulations to Benfica. It was a fair winner, so I can’t say any more, “pointed Bruce and White’s directors.


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