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leaf Evertongo to David Neres.. For the other. Brazilian, dribble man, samba, swing.. Quality recognized as a canalina gentleman. It wasn’t always happy that Sebolinha passed Ruth, and Neres from São Paulo said Eagle’s Nest After an unusual situation that prevented his debut for the Ukrainians in Shakhtar Donetsk.

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Born near São Paulo and Pers, Neres Tricolor, He reached the age of 10 to please his father, a stubborn supporter of the club. He was a defender and a defensive midfielder, but “his place wasn’t there.” As he said, «I learned to score» ESPNAnd it has become a habit: «Today I think it’s easy to do».

family. The secret of «good childhood». The road was a tight, real mousetrap maze. Hero father and mother for four children: «We were not dependent on football. At home, we didn’t always have what we wanted. We didn’t have much food, but we weren’t hungry either.My dad worked hard to support his family and gave us a good childhood with his mother, “he told a celebrity. Voetbal International..

At the age of 14, he officially established himself as a forward, Basic category It was easy from Sao Paulo. Talent was visible from a distance, and the first team appeared in the midst of a brilliant climb. In addition to names such as Lucas Fernandes (Portimonense) and Luiz Araújo, the young wing won the Libertadores Cup under the age of 20, with two Copa do Brasil winning at the same level.

David Neres
7 official titles

It was only a matter of time. In 2016, Ricardo Gomes, a former Benfica centre-back and coach of the São Paulo team, did not hesitate to call the man an energetic “snooze”, even at subtle times in qualifying. The look never matches the style.Because Neres anthropomorphized the opposite of monotonous football., There is an extraordinary quality on his left foot. He is a purely extreme, enviable owner of the technique and is compared to Neymar Jr., one of Brazil’s biggest stars.

There were nine games sitting on a substitute bench. Neres trembled as his debut was delayed due to a shoulder injury. «I was afraid. I was worried that I might not be able to return to my original state. But with everyone’s support, I decided to come back confidently, work and show my football ».

Opportunity occurred until October 17, 2016 Against Fluminense: «I thought I wasn’t going to play that game. I was warming up and Ricardo Gomes called someone. I was next to Luiz Araújo who always came in and thought it was for him. So I didn’t go either, just stood there. Then the bank staff shouted, “No, no. You’re coming in, David!” (Laughs) », he remembered.

30 memorable minutes that became the driving force for the goal scoring debut Next match with Ponte Preta.. “I didn’t even know how to celebrate,” he admitted at the end of the game. Three out of eight games were played in São Paulo, and in 2017 South America had a stunning golden ticket for a trip to Amsterdam and one of the world’s most prestigious institutions of football.

Journey to Amsterdam

Neres “did not even have time to say goodbye to São Paulo,” former director Marc Overmars emphasized that Ajax was hiring “one of the most promising talents in South America” ​​at the age of 19. Ajax has paid more than € 12 million in cash (which could reach 15) to stars who want to inject electricity. At that time, in 2016/17, David Neres was the most expensive foreign signature in the history of Eredivisie and the second most expensive signature in the history of the Dutch champion.

Expectations were high, but the idea never hindered adaptation or forced an evolutionary process. He started with Team B (Jong Ajax) and was always looking at his first team. He went up and helped Ajax reach the Europa League final, then … exploded..

Skillful, beast On the side, it’s as fancy as “10”. David Neres peaked with two great seasons (18/18/2018 and 19/2018) and his participation in the national team. 2017/18 season, the best Individual recordsFeaturing an exciting campaign by Ajax in the Champions League, Brazilian performance against Real Madrid (1-4) Grab millions on the screen.

Dutch offensive football married David Neres, and David Neres married Ajax. Relationships were at their peak and lost some strength over time. Due to injuries, exhibition instability, and competition at heights (such as Antony), the club chose to sell. The destination was Donetsk, but the nightmare of the war in Ukraine brought Lisbon to the limit. The ball is on the courts of Neres and Roger Schmidt.

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