FA wants to provide migrant workers with a positive legacy of the World Cup. World Cup 2022

The Football Association is focused on providing migrant workers with a positive legacy at the World Cup, and its chair, Debbie Hewitt, said he would discuss possible solutions within a few days.

Calls for the English team and its governing bodies to approve legacy projects have increased in recent weeks, with NGOs and Fifpro, an international player union, at two core points: financial relief for workers and their families. I’m looking for help with a great idea. Established a full-time worker center in Qatar.

“The situation in Qatar is not simple for a variety of reasons,” said Hewitt, who took over as FA Chair earlier this year. “I’ve been to Qatar three times. If there’s a positive thing coming from the World Cup, it’s an opportunity to give their voice to migrant workers, and that’s how they sat down and talked.

“I think responsibility will return to legacy. There’s a lot to talk about before that. [tournament] Where you can unite with other federations. I think it’s important to shed some light on the problem and leave a legacy of implementing some solutions. It’s positive as a whole. “

FA CEO Mark Bringham will meet with representatives from other qualified World Cup countries next week to discuss legacy issues and the potential for players to relay iconic messages during the tournament. is. The Guardian understands that discussions on both financial relief and workers’ centers will be part of the agenda. “We hope to be able to keep you up to date after talking to the players in the wake of the workshop,” Blingham said.

Hewitt also fully supported Gareth Southgate, who will lead England at the World Cup this winter. England managers were booed and ridiculed by supporters after losing to Hungary 4-0 last week. Hewitt praised his qualifications as a Southgate leader and upheld his decision to extend the contract, acknowledging that the team had experienced a “stumbling block.” last year.

“My personal opinion about Gareth is that he is the most successful England manager we have had for 55 years,” Hewitt said. “In fact, he took us to the World Cup semi-finals and the Euro finals, but Gareth and the culture he created in the camp are rarely seen by people. Before Gareth became the manager of England, he wasn’t proud to wear an English shirt. There was a rivalry with the club we read. A non-riding player. He changed it beyond recognition. And I saw it in person.

Gareth Southgate was booed by English fans after a 4-0 defeat to Hungary in Molineux last week. “He is the most successful manager we have had for 55 years,” insisted FA Chair Debbie Hewitt. Photo: Chris Blanckill / Fantasista / Getty Images

“I work not only in football, but in business. I have worked with many CEOs and Gareth skills: his high IQ and high IQ. [emotional intelligence] — He will be the top executive in every field. Its resilience and accountability are the two qualities I admire most about him.He takes [responsibility], He doesn’t huff, he’s elastic, that’s what you want from an England manager. “

Hewitt confirmed that he had spoken to Southgate after the Hungarian match and acknowledged that he could learn from his defeat. “His tolerance for learning is very noteworthy and very rare in any field,” she said, and the contract extension that lasted until December 2024 was “a red herring. A recent series. There was no game. Obviously, we did it with proper discussion and thought.

“The fact that I stumbled doesn’t make us automatically say,’Should I give him a contract?’ We are confident in Gareth for all the reasons I explained. I think that’s important. And it’s especially important to take part in the biggest tournaments. “

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