European regulators have decided to end the “premium” of traffic on WhatsApp and other specific apps-apps

You are European carriers need to terminate pricing plans with traffic “premiums” on platforms such as WhatsApp and FacebookTo enforce the decision of the European regulatory agency for electronic communications.

O BEREC revised guidelines for European net neutrality policy And I started thinking that not counting the traffic consumed by the use of a particular application would have a negative impact on other applications.

These charges are common practice around the world.In Portugal, Meo, Nos, Vodafone have usAn offer for the younger segment of the population, allowing unlimited traffic usage for certain applications without considering this consumption in the monthly data cap.

The interpretation of this differentiation has always been controversial, but the BEREC guidelines did not clarify the issue.Currently exists and specifies this Traffic discrimination cannot continue to exist, whether the operator takes the initiative or the service or store pays for it...

“Despite strong pressure from major suppliers and major platforms BEREC voted to explicitly ban zero rate offers that would benefit a particular application or application category, Exclude them from the user’s monthly data limit. Bans apply to both paying and non-paying applications for such situations, bridging the guidelines gap, “said a note from the organization on this issue.

BEREC insists on this Measures give users more freedom Customers support the competition because they can use the applications they need at the same price, but this differentiation drives them to a particular application.

This is an old topic that was noticed by the European Court of Justice last year. O The court found that traffic discrimination in some apps violated the principle of net neutrality... Opponents do not have to prioritize one type of traffic over another, speed up connections and improve quality, and therefore do not violate these principles. Insist. The court did not accept this claim and believed that the principle of Internet neutrality would prevent the differentiated treatment of all types of data, technical or economic, so BEREC’s actions were already expected. rice field.

As a legal expert explains Barbara van ShewickIn an article on the Cyberlaw website, Stanford UniversityWhere he teaches The new wording of the guidelines leaves room for operators to continue to provide data traffic.Subject to not doing so in a discriminatory way.

In some countries, companies that charge free for certain application traffic are replacing this feature with the following possibilities: Set the time with unlimited trafficOr, for example, at night, by defining a schedule for this offer itself.

Countries such as Germany have already unilaterally banned this type of proposal, according to the same source, and have decided to force a review of tariffs on Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom.

Based on BEREC’s decision, SAPO TeK has already asked domestic operators who set rates with these characteristics for future plans.

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