Erik Ten Hag can succeed at Manchester United with the help of the club, Jaap Stam says.Manchester United

Former Manchester United treble winner Jaap Stam believes that Erik Ten Hag has what he needs to succeed in the club.

Ten Hug is the latest in the glorious line of Dutch recruited by United, including players such as Stam, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Edwin van der Sar and Robin van Persie. United’s only former Dutch manager, Louis van Gaal, was dismissed two seasons later, but experienced a lot of luck with his FA Cup victory and his debut with Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard. did. Stam is confident that TenHag can succeed with the right support.

“We all know what he can do and what he did with Ajax in the Netherlands,” Stam said. “Hopefully he can now do the same in the Netherlands. Obviously there are certain things he needs to be there to help him, maybe with respect to different players and personnel, but. I think he did a good job in the Netherlands. “

Stam, who won the Premier League title in each of the three seasons at United before being sold to Lazio in 2001, has a culture of how new clubs handle recruitment, judging by what Tenhug learned while playing. Under Sir Alex Ferguson, who thinks he may encounter a different difference.

“In the Netherlands, we always say that every player in every position needs to be able to play soccer,” he said. “Therefore, centre-backs need to be able to dribble before, become an additional guy in the midfield and get that pass. We are trying to educate players to be able to do everything. ..

“At United, one of Fergie’s qualities was to bring in players with certain abilities who could do things well in their place. And if they worked, you would be very good. There is a chance to go. He has the right player in the right position. “

Early in his own managerial career, Stam led Reading to the 2016-17 Championship Playoffs Final, losing a penalty to Huddersfield. However, the 49-year-old has been absent from work since he was dismissed by Cincinnati last September after spending four months on the Major League Soccer side.

Stam played under some of the world’s most respected managers, including Guus Hiddink, van Gaal, Roberto Mancini, Carlo Ancelotti and Ferguson. He had previously admitted to accepting Old Trafford’s return as a coach.

“When you get into coaching, you’re always thinking about the coaches and managers you’ve had in the past,” says Stam, who played for United against Liverpool in the Legend of the North match at Old Trafford last month. It benefits the Manchester United Foundation, the club’s charity department. “You can even learn a lot from the manager you had in places where the relationship wasn’t good. It can help you in a way that generally approaches the player. I think it’s very important.

“But I’m not the type of person who copies things from a former manager and uses them for their own benefit. It’s not what I’m doing, I don’t think it’s a good thing. It’s not that there’s nothing you can use, but it doesn’t have to be a copy of someone else. You need to have your own way of playing and your own style as a manager.

“When entering control at a particular level, it’s not just about teaching players how to play and kick the ball. It’s also how you need to work on them, you need to approach them. It’s a way, and it’s also a way for you to get them to see your vision.

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