England was humiliated by Hungary for the worst home defeat in 1994 | Nations League

What a mess. Gareth Southgate says it needs victory to regain calm after the very unconvincing start of this Nations League campaign, which brought two points from the first three ties and one goal. I knew. Not from open play. The English manager got a new winding low. The worst defeat of his nearly six-year tenure in England, the worst home loss in the country since 1928, and the rebellion between the home crowds here in Molino.

Fans began heading for the exit when Roland Sallai defeated Hungary 2-0 and scored a second goal for the booing night. At that point, Southgate and all of his team collapsed.

Previously, England lacked inspiration and became more and more nervous as chanters from home support rose mercilessly. Hungary stabbed them with a sword, and when two more goals were scored, their substitute rushed to the pitch. Full-time, they danced in front of the enclosure they visited, smiled and almost unbelievable.

When Zsolt Nagy returned home for the third time, it felt almost surreal. “You don’t know what you’re doing,” yelled Southgate fans, many of them leaving and throwing abuse as they did.

It was toxic and to obey even worse. It was a terrifying night for John Stones, but he was hardly alone. And when he was sent off for a tough second yellow card, the nadir came. He did not know that his surrogate Daniel Gazdag was behind him. The Hungarian player simply came across him.

Southgate responded by introducing Harry Maguire to Bukayo Saka. Poor Magwire. “I will be fired in the morning,” shouted from the manager’s stand.

The humiliation was complete when another agent, Adam Nagi, played a straight pass, Magwire came to rest, and Kyle Walker turned back, but couldn’t prevent Gazdag from dodging Aaron Ramsdale. did.

Southgate did not work in his technical field. Full-time, he went out on the pitch and bravely or stupidly praised the crowd. He had to know what was coming back and he wasn’t disappointed.

Southgate didn’t do anything from start to finish. It was neither the 4-3-3 system in the first half nor the 3-5-2 after the interval. Too often, his players were bullied one-on-one, especially by the big Hungarian No. 9, Adam Sarai, and too often their decisions or final products were poor. Too often, the movement hit a dead end. There is no inspiration and the tempo is profound.

England closest to the goal was when Harry Kane looped the header against the crossbar in the 77th minute. After chasing the rebound, he crumpled on the ground without any challenge. A sad dive that summarizes things.

England finds that it is starring in the relegation from this Nations League group. This can damage not only the optical surface, but also at a practical level, which could make the draw in the Euro 2024 qualifying even harder. For the World Cup, which kicks off on November 21, the big concern is what that means.

It’s been a long summer introspection for Southgate, and then there are only two more matches between Italy and Germany in the Nations League in late September before the opening match in Qatar. In football, things are released pretty quickly, especially in the volatile environment where England lives. Southgate promised not to overwhelm the welcome to work last Friday. Those words weighed heavily on the air of Wolverhampton.

Hungary’s Roland Sallai scored the second goal. Photo: Paul Childs / Action Image / Reuters

Surprisingly, this is the fourth meeting in England this season with Hungary, the previous meeting last Saturday in a game that Adam Naghi called “a blunder in Budapest”. did. He was judging it from an England perspective, the Southgate team was flat with a 1-0 defeat. What is this?

England got in shape with the first concession. Adam Lang stood up with the Stones and met Dominik Szobosley’s free kick. Kane miss-kicked his attempted clearance to give the unmarked Sarai a chance to shoot. The first touch of the forward was true. He blew up the second past the exposed Ramsdale.

Jarrod Bowen missed the timing of the jump to the header 0-0. Hungary is so difficult to collapse that the anxiety of the stand was obvious and premonition following the first goal. The crowd of houses barked when the Stones were in possession at the 23rd minute. England was on the shell of an egg.

It would have been 2-0 in the 27th minute, but there was a great goal line clearance by Reece James. When England soon broke, Bowen covered his last action with fluff. England consistently lacked belief in the ball.

England was booed in half time. That is the rule. Their only other notable moment was when Willi Orban led Saka’s cross towards his own goal of drawing a save from Dénes Dibs.

The cat’s bark has only increased in intensity since Kalvin Phillips was robbed by his surrogate Martin Adam, who played for Sarai. The finish was low and fatal. England, however, had a fresh depth for plumbing.

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