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The European Commission first placed easyJet’s proposal in a bid for 18-slot delivery at Lisbon Airport. Information will be advanced by DGComp this Thursday, adding that UK low-cost companies will be able to start operating new slots from October 30th this year.

Behind the scenes was Ryanair, the only other competitor to the slots that TAP had to offer as a condition for Portugal to provide € 2.55 billion in public assistance. ..

The European Commission has evaluated only two proposals in detail according to the selection and classification criteria defined in December 2021, and the seat capacity proposed by the company to be offered in the slots made available by TAP. It states that it was selected based on. Slots are airport slots for plane takeoffs and landings and are very popular with more crowded airport companies such as Lisbon. The 18 slots per day that TAP must provide at the end of summer corresponds to about 3-4 flights per day, but the time distribution of these slots is unknown.

Based on this standard, European competitive services first made the easyJet proposal. This prioritizes the conclusion of an agreement with TAP to carry out slot transfers until October 30th, which will enable the realization of new flights.

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Ryanair believes the Portuguese government and TAP prefer easyJet to take slots in Lisbon

Ryanair executive chairman Michael O’Leary publicly defended the Irish company’s best offer, but expressed confidence that Portugal and TAP prefer to hand over slots to easyJet. From a Portuguese airline that the company claimed to be less competitive.

Ryanair has put a lot of public pressure on access to slots that TAP says is wasting at Lisbon Airport, delaying the process of allocating these slots and announcing a reduction in summer offers Did. Used during the winter months. Irish low-cost carriers have not yet responded to this Brussels decision to allocate slots to British competitors.

Launched in February, the European Commission has mandated international companies to implement a process of selecting companies to adopt TAP slots, a process in which only two low-cost companies compete. However, the final decision to hand over the slots to Easyjet was made by competing European services.

In a statement released this Thursday, Marguerite Vestager, Vice-Chairman of the European Commission in the field of competition, said the decision would allow EasyJet to expand its activities in a crowded environment. The airport (Lisbon), which emphasized strengthening competition in the European aviation sector, contributes to fair prices and a wide range of choices for European consumers. It also helps ensure that the financial support given to TAP to enable a return to economic viability does not adversely affect the single market.

EasyJet congratulates you on winning this contest. As a result, easyJet can become the second largest airline at Lisbon Airport. In a statement, the company said the decision would not only provide people traveling to and from the Portuguese capital with a wider range of destination choices and affordable fares, but would also increase local employment opportunities. I am saying.

Jose Lopez, General Director of Portugal, also said that slot allocation allows the company to “continue to grow significantly in one of our most important markets.” Over the last two years, Portugal has proven to play an important role in supporting our strategy. In addition to being one of your favorite destinations throughout our network. We are also looking forward to becoming the second airline in Lisbon. This is a testament to the loyalty of our Portuguese customers over the years. “

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