Durbinham: “Westbrook accepted my challenge.”

Since being officially introduced as a coach for the Los Angeles Lakers on June 6, Durbinham has always been asked about the challenges of rebuilding the team, but above all, Russell Westbrook.Last Thursday (16), the new Commander Angelino joined Dan Patrick Show And it became clear that he proposed a challenge to the star next season.

In Durbinham’s view, in order for Westbrook to be an important part of the Lakers, he would have to play various roles in court. Both are defensive parts, but mainly attacks.

“I challenged him, and he accepted the challenge. This is part of the word” sacrifice “we use. So when you think about the offensive side, you can move it to another space on the court. Sometimes he makes blocks from the ball and sometimes he will be able to start playing again.He can keep posting more or build a wall in the following situations Pick and roll“, Ham commented.

During his first year at the Lakers, there were many questions about Westbrook’s ability to reinvent himself or adapt to roles he hadn’t previously performed. After all, in a team full of veteran stars, everyone wants to take the lead.

However, in Durbinham’s view, Westbrook needs to know how to meet this new challenge and act according to the needs of the game.

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“So it’s important that he can diversify his attack plans, so he doesn’t just run the ball around the court and face three defenders each time, so as he said at the press conference. In addition, everyone needs to be involved in what we are doing on both sides of the court. I think it will be easier, lighter and stronger as the season progresses. “

In the 2021-22 season, Westbrook started 78 games for the Lakers. As a result, he averaged 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds and 7.1 assists. In addition, he added 44.4% on field shots, 29.8% from the surroundings and 66.7% from the free throw line.

In contrast, the triple-double leader in NBA history was the most common second player. amount of sales In the last campaign, his total fire rate made him the sixth worst in the league.

But Durbinham is clearly confident in Westbrook for players to play a central role in the 2022-23 Lakers.

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