Distributed on social media: “Benfica makes a profit of only € 24.75 million from the sale of Darwin Núñez”

This scheme, published on social networks, is available by Benfica. Much smaller profit Considering the amount already guaranteed by Darwin Núñez’s transfer to Liverpool, more than you can imagine75 million euros This can reach 100 million if some performance goals are met).

“data-title =” Social Media Circulation: “Benfica has made a profit of only € 24.75 million from the sale of Darwin Núñez”-Polygraph “>

At the top is Benfica paid Almeria (Spanish club) For the employment of Darwin Núñez in September 2020.The shown 24 million euros truth..

In the next line, the transfer of “incanate” from Lisbon to Liverpool is subdivided from Liverpool. Compensation amount Benfica needs to be given to various players in the careers and transfers of Uruguay players:

10 million euros for Almeria – Fees by the Andalusian Club for the added value from the sale of the player’s pass (agreement on transfer agreement from Spain to Portugal). In 2020, the two clubs established that Almeria will be rewarded with 20% of the potential profits of future transactions, with a cap of 10 million (reached). Genuine

5 million euros for Edgard La Salvia (Former Nuñez Manager) – This committee is frequently mentioned in various media, but Benfica does not bear this burden, as evidenced by the transfer communications addressed to CMVM. By paying a fee to Núñez’s new businessman / agent (Jorge Mendes) who brokered the operation, Rusclub does not feel obliged to bear any other costs associated with brokering the business. Former entrepreneur and current entrepreneur (at least the person who made the transaction). Recall that Darwin Núñez stopped being represented by his compatriots last April. error

€ 3.75 million for training club – The Penalor symbol (a Uruguayan club where former Benfica strikers played until they went to Spain) has beneficiaries of the mandatory amount associated with solidarity mechanisms aimed at supplementing trained emblems for players. Used to identify. The FIFA rules (pages 33 and 85) ensure that up to 5% of athlete transfers are distributed to clubs that play until the age of 23, according to age factors. In this case, € 2.25 million is obliged to pay Penalor (who represented him until he was 20) and € 375,000 to Almeria (between 20 and 21). A total of 2,625M. Inaccurate

7.5 million euros for Jorge Mendes (Transferred businessman) – In many businesses, it is customary to charge 10% to the businessman who mediates the club change. This was also the case when Nunez moved from Lisbon to Liverpool. Net internal fee only (minus netting mechanism). In this case, it is 10% of 72,375M (75M minus 2,625M), or 7,237M. Genuine

Add what should be deducted in Benfica’s interests:

24M + 10M + 2,625M + 7,237 = 43,862M Euro

After slaughter:

75M – 43.862M = 31.138M Euro

Therefore, despite the fact that the order of the magnitudes of the values ​​shown in the publication is close to the real thing, their quantity is InaccurateRegister a difference of about 6.4 million euros.


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