Disciplinary action announces decision

The FPF Disciplinary Action announced its decision this Tuesday

The FPF Disciplinary Action announced this Tuesday a decision on what has become known as the “garage case” and a decision referring to what happened inside the Dragão at the end of the Regabwin match FC Porto Sports. Did.

In general, the FPF CD has decided to acquit FC Porto’s coach Sergio Conceison. Vítor Baia, SAD’s vice president and administrator, was sentenced to a 25-day suspension and a fine of € 3,440. Press director Rui Cerqueira was fined 115 days and € 3825. And finally, FC Porto ordered a payment of € 16,320.

This process refers to March, when Sporting offered disciplinary action based on the fact that it occurred on February 11th in a 2-2 draw between the two teams at the Dragão on February 11th. ..

From the start of the process, the Instructor Committee of the Portuguese Professional Soccer League sent indictments to four defendants (three and blue and white SAD) on May 2.

As for the former goalkeeper, he confessed “an offensive act in the honor of another sports agent” to alleviate the penalties imposed by various insults addressed to Sporting President Frederico Valandas. The decision you made is recorded.

The “Dragon” SAD was punished for publishing on social networks and acquitted for other charges. The CD made the heaviest decision on Rui Cerqueira in several respects.

It was proved that the leader hit President Leonin in his hand and dropped his cell phone. The CD contains a variety of evidence, including Ballandas’ request to renew your citizen card. Above all, it is stored on the cover of the mobile phone. “

Sergio Conceison was acquitted because the evidence created brought him closer to Balandas, but “the content of his final words cannot be clearly and clearly determined.”

On February 11, the FC Porto-Sporting match in the 22nd round of the league was a 2-2 draw, with contempt between the players and elements of the two teams, and the referee showed some red cards. rice field.

The day after the match, Sporting spoke to FC Porto coach Sergio Conceison, SAD Porto vice president and manager Vítor Baía, and club press director Louis Celqueira about “verbal attacks and attempts.” Announced intention to file criminal charges. “Physical attack” on club president Frederico Valandas.

FC Porto responded to Lions’ intentions, denying the accusations made and denying attacks on the leaders of the Alvarade Club.


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