Diego Maradona: Eight People Tried for Murder in Argentina | Diego Maradona

Eight people who took care of Argentine football superstar Diego Maradona will be tried for murder, according to a ruling released Wednesday following an investigation into his death from cardiac arrest.

In a 236-page document seen by Reuters, the judge in charge questioned “the actions (active or omission) of each defendant who contributed to the realization of harmful consequences.”

According to the ruling, eight people, including doctors, nurses and psychologists who took care of Maradona’s death in 2020, have been accused of “simple murder.” In 2021, a medical committee appointed to investigate Maradona’s death concluded that his medical team acted “inappropriate, inadequate, and recklessly.”

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    Maradona was considered one of the greatest soccer players in history, but the petite player was “Pelusa” with a long-haired mane and the Spanish “God” play with the numbers on the shirt “D10S”. Was called. And alcohol abuse for years.

    Maradona’s son, one of the lawyers, Mario Baudley, told Reuters that the World Cup winner was “powerless” by the time of his death. Maradona died on November 25, 2020 at the age of 60.

    “As soon as I saw the cause, I said it was a murder,” he said. “I fought for a long time, and I’m here, this stage is complete.”

    An improvised altar set up by Argentinos Jr. fans playing in the La Paternal district of Buenos Aires on the day Diego Maradona died. Photo: Alejandro Pagni / AFP / Getty Images

    Argentine prosecutors have investigated investigations, including ordering a search for the property of his doctor and investigating others involved in his care shortly after Maradona died in a house near Buenos Aires. have started. The defendants nominated in the judgment were: Leopoldo Luque, a Maradona neurosurgeon and individual physician. His psychiatrist, Agustina Kosachov. His psychologist Carlos Diaz. Two nurses, Gisera Madrid and Ricardo Almiron. Their boss, Mariano Peroni. And two doctors, Pedro di Spanya and Nancy Forlini.

    Defendant denied responsibility for Maradona’s death. The judge said some of their lawyers demanded that the case be dismissed.

    Cosachov’s lawyer, Vadim Mischanchuk, added that the psychiatrist’s field of treatment was not related to the cause of death and said he would appeal the decision. “The guilty party is being sought at all costs and is losing objectivity,” the lawyer said.

    Reuters could not immediately seek comment from the defendant or other lawyer.

    “Simple murder” crimes in Argentina usually lead to eight to 25 years in prison, according to national criminal law. The date of the trial has not been decided yet.

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