Detroit Pistons 3 Trading Options

THE Off-season The number of NBAs is approaching, and rumors are rising every day. Today we list three trading options for Detroit Pistons. From now on, we will explore the possibilities of each team for the next season.

Detroit Pistons playffs Since 2018-19, no one thinks the team will be back on stage next season. That’s because the Pistons don’t have a competitive roster enough to get out of the last place in the east. But what the team is trying to do is add young talent to the group so they have the opportunity to fight for the knockout stage in the future. But we were able to do so soon.

Detroit Pistons Trading Options

Deandre Ayton

Soon, with the arrival of Deandre Ayton, the Detroit Pistons will grow significantly in terms of talent.But he will then reach the Detroit Pistons Sign and trade With Phoenix Suns. Eighton is a free agent and Sands’ board of directors does not extend his contract. The problem here is to understand what the pivot salary will be.

Rumor has it that Eighton will earn about $ 131 million a year and about $ 32.7 million a year in four years. In other words, it is known that Pistons does not want to go with Jerami Grant. Detroit is well below the salary cap, so you can use one for the other. However, Sands will receive the Center’s Isaiah Stewart in addition to Grant.

In the case of Sands, Grant and Stewart will soon assist in the defense, with Chris Paul, Devin Booker and Mikal Bridges joining. Meanwhile, the Pistons will acquire a center with room for development.

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Collin sexton

Everyone knows that Detroit Pistons is interested in Collin Sexton, a free agent of the Cleveland Cavaliers. But if Jerami Grant has already gone to the Phoenix Suns (in our theory), how does he do that?

Well, Sexton is expected to make about $ 20 million a year. Therefore, in addition to the sum of Kelly Olynyk and Cory Joseph, draft, The problem needs to be resolved. Olynyk and Joseph aren’t the main names the team is paying attention to, but Cavs requires players in both positions.

The Cavaliers received the fifth pick of the draft, so the team was able to exchange her for a better defense center with Olynyk, but Joseph enters the final year of the deal.

Therefore, at Pistons, Sexton is perfect for leaving the ball in the hands of Cade Cunningham as a de facto point guard.

John Collins

The Atlanta Hawks wants to trade with John Collins, but his deal has fallen last season. First, the Hawks won more games without him than the forward. The Hawks have since speculated on the market and can trade almost any major part except Trae Young.

However, the Hawks never went empty-handed. The team needs a good defender, and Killian Hayes could be the answer around him alongside Young. Sure, not so many, Pistons will send the second round pick of the year and the first round pick of 2024, Hamidudiaro, Frank Jackson. As for wages, Detroit is well below the salary cap, so it could work. In Atlanta, the situation is good as Diallo will become a free agent from 2022 to the end of 23, opening about $ 5 million. Jackson, ibid., $ 3.1 million. But all he needs is space and court time that Pistons didn’t have, knowing that Kevin Huerter and Bogdan Bogdanovich can leave.

“Oh, but the Hawks won’t trade Collins for Hayes, two picks draft And two spares, “someone would say.

No? See what the Houston Rockets have done recently.

Therefore, Pistons has Cade Cunningham, Collin Sexton, Saddiq Bey, John Collins, and Deandre Ayton at the Center.

With such a quintet, Detroit play off??

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