Deshaun Watson admits that he regrets the consequences of alleged sexual misconduct | Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson says he regrets the impact of allegations of sexual misconduct against him on the people around him.

Watson has been the subject of 24 civil proceedings accusing him of sexually illegal acts against a massage therapist. Watson denied his claim, but said on Tuesday he regretted the impact on people near him.

“I understand that I regret the impact on the community and people other than myself,” Watson told reporters at the Browns practice facility. “And it includes my family. This includes this organization. This includes my teammates in this locker room who have to answer these questions. This includes the Cleveland Browns. Includes a fan base of. This includes men, women and everyone in the world. One of the things I regret is that it causes so many people. It’s an impact. It’s hard to deal with. “

Last week, the New York Times reported that Watson hired at least 66 women for massage between 2019 and 2021. On Tuesday, Watson said he had a sexual relationship agreed with some women, but again denied any misconduct.

“As I said, I have never beaten anyone,” he said. “I didn’t harass anyone. I didn’t look down on anyone. I never forced anyone to do anything.”

The NFL is individually investigating allegations against Watson, and if the league determines that it violates his personal course of action, he may face a long-term suspension. Two Texas grand juries have refused to prosecute Watson for criminal charges filed by 10 whistleblowers.

“I can’t control it. I did everything they asked me to do. I honestly answered every question the NFL asked me,” Watson surveyed the NFL on Tuesday. Talked about. “I spent hours with the people they defeated. That’s all I can do. To be honest, tell me exactly what happened. I have a job because they have a job. We have to respect it, and that’s what we want to do, to work together. They have to make the best decisions for the league. “

Watson went on to say that the allegations made their sacrifice to his mental health.

“It was hard … but I have a great family. I have a great legal team. And I have a great support cast in this organization,” he said. “I focus on my work every day and become the best person I can. I have no control over what the other side is doing in legal proceedings. The best Deshaun in this organization. We must continue to focus on becoming Watson. “

Watson, a three-time professional bowler who turns 27 in September, missed the entire season last season due to a dispute with his team, the Houston Texans, due to heightened claims against him. He was eventually traded to Browns, who handed him a fully guaranteed $ 230 million contract. Last month, one of his whistleblowers, Ashley Solis, told HBO that the deal was an insult.

“It’s like your big screw,” Solis said. “That’s what we don’t care about. He can run and throw, and that’s what we care about.”

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