Crunchyroll reveals new anime season simulcast

Crunchyroll will create a schedule for the so-called summer 2022 season (winter, Brazil), with unreleased titles and series already in progress. Rental Girlfriend Season 2, Elite Season 2 Classroom, Yurei Deco, FUUTO PI, Shine On! Simultaneous broadcasting with Japan is scheduled. Bad Boys at the end of the Edo period! , The Girl from the Other Side, RWBY: Ice Queendom, Dr. STONE: RYUSUI, news such as OVA of my hero academia 5th season.

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Crunchyroll reveals new anime season simulcast

One Piece, BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS, Dragon Quest The Adventure of Die, Digimon Ghost Game, Kingdom Season 4, Aoashi, Cuckoo Forgiveness, Shadowverse Flame, Love All, etc. There is also a simultaneous broadcast of the series in progress on Crunchyroll Play and Delicious Party pretty cure.

The 2022 summer schedule complements the catalog of Crunchyroll, the world’s largest anime collection today. Funimation is One Piece, and the devil is a part-timer! , Elite Classroom, Kingdom, Shadows House, Prince of Tennis II, Obey Me! We will continue to offer new episodes of the series that are already running on the platform. However, all new content will be broadcast exclusively by Crunchyroll.

A new simulcast starting the 2022 summer season

July 1

Rent a girlfriend Second season (TMS Entertainment)

The relationship between Kazuya and Chizuru takes a new direction for this second season. Borrow a girlfriend. ((((Official trailer).

●● With Portuguese dubbing

Lycoris Recoil (A-1 Pictures)

At a cafe in central Tokyo, girls can help you solve any problems you may have. ((((Official trailer).

●● With Portuguese dubbing

Teppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laugh until you cry (drive)

Big fans of humor and comedy enroll in elite schools to train the next generation of comedians. ((((Official trailer).

July 2nd

Engage Kiss (A-1 Pictures)

The unlucky demon hunter chases the monster with his demon sidekick. ((((Official trailer).

shoot!Goals for the future (EMT Squared)

Soccer talent, young and old, joins forces in the continuation of this series shoot! ((((Official trailer).

July 3

Yurei Deco (Science monkey)

Citizens of a digitally controlled society discover the truth in this original series of science monkeys. ((((Official trailer).

RWBY: Ice Queendom (shaft)

series RWBY Received the first official animation at Shaft Studio! ((((Official trailer ).

Utawarerumono The Mask of Truth of Two People (White Fox)

The last chapter of the series What is sung It starts with a war involving all Yamato. ((((Official trailer).

July 4th

Elite II classroom (Lerche)

Elite classroom Is back, Class D faces a special trial arc of the ship. (Official trailer).

・ ・ With Portuguese dubbing

July 5th

Dropkick on My God !!! Third season (Nomad)

Gothic Lolita summons a snake demon and she shares a strange (and violent) life.

July 6th

Smile of the Arsnotoria in bloom (Liden Films)

Follow the daily lives of magic academy students in their culture and magic classes. ((((Official trailer)

Harlem in a different world labyrinth (passionate)

A young man is reborn in a fantasy game and embarks on a journey to create his own harem. ((((Official trailer).

New Prince of Tennis: U-17 World Cup (MSC / Studio Kai)

Ryoma Echizen has joined the American tennis team for the U-17 World Cup! ((((Official trailer).

My stepmother’s daughter is my ex (Project No.9)

They broke up, but their parents got married. Now the two dissatisfied people need to live in the same house. ((((Official trailer).

July 7

Yakuza Babysitter Guide (Feel / Gaina)

Yakuza members have been appointed by their bosses as daughters’ nannies. ((((Official trailer).

8 July

Shadows House Season 2 (CloverWorks)

Kate and Emilico encounter a new ghost and discover an incredible revelation about the mysterious “robe.” ((((Official trailer).

●● With Portuguese dubbing

Lucifer and biscuit hammer (NAZ)

Talking lizard. A world at stake. Evil magician. Great adventure! ((((Official trailer).

●● With Portuguese dubbing

Shine on! Bad Boys at the end of the Edo period! (Geno Studio)

Seven criminals join the Shinsengumi and fight the demons of ancient Kyoto. ((((Official trailer).

July 9

Black Summoner (satellite)

In this epic story, the battle junkie is reborn as a powerful summoner into another world. ((((Official trailer).

●● With Portuguese dubbing

July 11

Orient (ACGT)

A fierce battle of samurai comes to Awaji Island Orient. ((((Official trailer)

● Providing dubbing in Portuguese

July 14

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Second season (3Hz)

Mao Sadao returns to work hard while taking care of the girl born of the golden apple. ((((Official trailer).

●● With Portuguese dubbing

July 2010

The maid I hired recently is a mysterious (Silver Link / Blade)

A new maid arrives to take care of her child and doubts about her mysterious existence … (Official trailer).

July 31

FUTURE PI (Studio Kai)

Continuation of the series Kamen Rider WShotaro and Philip are back to investigate a new incident in Wind City.

coming soon

My Hero Academia Season 5 OVA – HLB (Skeleton)

Don’t miss the new adventure between the hero’s baseball league and the mysterious laughing villain.

My Hero Academia Season 5 OVA – Laughter! As if in hell (Skeleton)

Don’t miss the new adventure between the hero’s baseball league and the mysterious laughing villain.

ODD TAXI in the Woods (OLM)

Odd taxi I’m back with a movie that shows the aftermath of the shocking final episode of the series. ((((Official trailer).

Doctor’s special episode.Stone – Ryusui (TMS Entertainment)

Special Dr. stone, Introducing the new character Ryusui and appearing on Crunchyroll. ((((Official trailer).

The Girl from the Other Side (Wit Studio)

A young woman in a mysterious world makes friends with a curious demon. (Official trailer)

Fly Me to the Moon Cute Over The Moon For You – Special Episode (Seven Arcs)

Follow Tsukasa and NASA Cosplay Adventures in this special episode of Fly Me to the Moon.. ((((Official trailer).

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