Collingwood star Jordan de Goy on a personal vacation after apologizing for Bali’s actions | AFL

Controversial Colinwood star Jordan de Goy has been given a personal vacation by the AFL club, but has no time frame for his return.

The day after he was fined $ 25,000 and apologized for doing “rude” acts during the party in Bali.

“Colinwood advice player Jordan de Goy has been given a personal vacation by the club and will not participate in the 15th round match against GWS,” the club said about Wednesday night’s Sunday match. Said in a statement.

“Jordan is absent from training this week and the club will continue to support his return to the football program.”

Last week, a video of De Goey, who was given permission to travel to Bali during a mid-season break by the club, appeared on social media and made a lascivious gesture at a nightclub.

Fines will be suspended until the end of the season in response to good behavior.

De Goey will “provide further behavioral education” in addition to the existing counseling program. He avoided the suspension of his duties.

Collingwood has also put a deal on hold with a 26-year-old player who is a free agent until the end of the season.

“I admit that the actions shown in the video footage are rude and that taking a break during the season abroad has betrayed the trust the club has shown to me,” De Goy said in a statement on Tuesday. rice field.

“My actions are below the standards I expect as a person, as an AFL footballer, and on behalf of Collingwood. I trust and confidence in me to make better decisions this year. I worked hard to establish it, and I broke that trust, because of anyone but myself.

“Once again, I apologize for my rude behavior. I understand that there is a lot to be done to disappoint many and rebuild trust.”

His remarks at the age of 26 were in stark contrast to his initial reaction through Instagram lamenting the athlete’s “persecution” by the media.

De Goy also said he was “more aware” of why he made a mistake when he was diagnosed with ADHD last year.

Collingwood CEO Mark Anderson accused De Goy of acting as a contempt for women on Tuesday. He was particularly disappointed with the vision that De Goy was pulling the woman’s top and almost exposing her breasts.

The Bali incident occurs after De Goy was defeated by Collingwood in October 2021 when he was arrested for a drunken incident at a nightclub in New York.

Anderson said De Goy would speak within a few days, but given that the player is currently on vacation, it was unclear if that would go any further.

AFL said Collingwood “handled the problem properly” and that the league would take no further action against De Goy. However, the league criticized his actions for setting a bad example.

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