“Clearly wrong choice”. TAP betting could put more strain on Lisbon Airport-economy

The union recalled the statement of Pedro Nuno Santos, Minister of Infrastructure and Housing. Lisbon Airport is saturated And soon we will not be able to accept any more planes, “he said,” given this indisputable fact. TAP pilots do not understand how the company can be managed, are aware of this situation, and are “directly suffering from the consequences of being the biggest operator” of the infrastructure “Airbus aircraft. Choose to get rid of Choose to increase the fleet of Embraer aircraft (with more passenger capacity, more economical, and much less pollution).

In a statement, SPAC said, “This option for Embraer aircraft, Use of smaller planes, forcing more flights to carry the same number of passengers“At saturated airports, we were forced to give 18” slots “on top of that TAP,” he stressed.This is clearly the wrong option, forcing us to reduce the number of seats available, jeopardizing our recovery plans and the future of our company. “

pilot, All Portuguese taxpayers want to understand the reason for this discrepancy Recall these and other false management options between the Minister’s statement and the actions of the TAP administration (another example, for a freighter that was shut down due to a recently reported lack of approval). Damage millions of euros to TAP and national financial resources“, They criticized.

SPAC states, “If all airlines operating in Europe choose larger and more efficient planes (Airbus or Boeing). Only TAP chose to reduce Airbus’ fleet and increase Embraer’s fleet.Some planes available in the summer, using old planes. “

In the case of SPAC, “the planes that are currently strengthening the TAP fleet through PGA are of the previous generation and are clearly outdated in terms of operational efficiency, pollutant emissions and noise levels.”

“Initially, TAP claimed that this fleet change was justified by a pandemic reduction in passenger numbers,” the union organization said. “But TAP’s own management is at operational levels in 2019. Has arrived soon. ” It has been reached and is unlikely to be maintained. Poor operational strategy, prefer big and new planes to small and old planes. “

“At least for the time being, we’re using the other three companies to fly TAP and continue to strengthen our fleet through operational leasing of aircraft (ACMI operation),” the airline said.

“Obviously, the three companies have different levels of service and images of planes and crew, surprised by this patchwork blanket at the time of boarding, immediately recognized by passengers, and which company actually transports them. I don’t know what to do, and as a result, the image and reputation of TAP “, SPAC is guaranteed.

The union said these contracts “use pilots from these companies that are rewarded according to the value of the international market, but TAP cuts TAP pilot salaries by 45% and PGA pilots by 25%. , Increasing costs and showing that restructuring plans are not. ” Enough for the sustainability of the company. “

The SPAC also said, “The TAP’s breach of company contracts and the abuse of some provisions continue, and the only way to maintain the illusion of tailoring pilot staff to the needs of the company is in a monthly plan for regulation. It’s connected. ” It also recalls an expert who “clearly violated labor rights and continued to receive wages without flights assigned by the company, was dismissed by TAP by court order and later returned.”

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