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“MYour name is Aurélien Tchoameni, right? Real Madrid’s new midfielder smiled, told the media what to call him, and how-a pronunciation guide-and told them about the man who influenced his approach. .. So was the soccer player. Instead, he said the analysis, ambitions, and attitudes that brought him here came from across the Atlantic: from American sports culture, especially basketball.

“Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan: I’m watching their video. It’s a legend that perfected their play and got the best from themselves,” he said. “You can’t rest. You have to do everything, and that’s what I’m here.”

If it was a little unexpected, it started with a classic: Chuameni lying on the bedTaking off his shirt, the name of the clinic that provided his medical care splattered all over behind him, with a sucker and thumbs up on his chest.

Next was a visit to the Trophy Room, where the 14th European Cup was added last week. His presentation with President Florentino Perez then turned out to be in the proper setting of the basketball hall in Valdebebas. There, Tchoameni spoke briefly in Spanish, and at some point Perez seemed to accompany his words. Happy to come to Madrid, he said it was time to write his history.

Much has been made from the fact that it doesn’t have to be written here. He said there were negotiations with other clubs. Liverpool withdrew as prices rose and was pushed up by other, more important bidders who had very important negotiators.

“Killian [Mbappé] Stayed in Paris Saint-Germain. He knew I was going from Monaco at the end of the season and maybe wanted to see if I would go to PSG, “Tchoameni said. “But my first decision has always been Real Madrid. He respects it.”

Madrid paid a 22-year-old child € 80 million, which could amount to € 100 million, but Tchoameni said he wasn’t interested in it. It was between clubs. Not only for him, but what was important now was that he was where he wanted to be.

“I had the opportunity to choose another team, but when I learned that Real Madrid was interested in me, I had no doubt for a second,” he said. “I want to leave my mark in the history of football. I think Madrid is the perfect place to do that. It’s the biggest club in the world, the best players and the best club for me.

“I talked to other clubs, but some of my head was always waiting for a call from Madrid. I didn’t hesitate when they came to my door. I didn’t hesitate. Talked to my agent, my family, and the club [Monaco] We strive to make the best deal for everyone. “

He said watching the Champions League helped him if he waved. “When I was watching the final against Liverpool, negotiations with Madrid and other teams had already taken place, but when I saw it, I’m sure. [what happened against] PSG, Chelsea, [Manchester] City, I was sending people a message like this: I can’t go there. “

Aurélien Tchoameni is posing in Bernabeu in a Real Madrid shirt with President Florentino Perez. Photo: Victor Caletello / Real Madrid / Getty Images

There was something in this club that no one else had yet, and that was the reason for the celebration. Perez’s speech was short, but he repeated what seemed to be quite pointed about Tchoameni’s choice to come to Madrid. After that, Emilio Butragueno made a very similar statement. They knew he was able to go to PSG, but unlike somebody else, they were grateful that he didn’t go.

Madrid felt that Mbappe had disappointed them and was afraid that his decision could give a glimpse into the future. This made the signature even more successful. There was even a question as to whether Tchoameni chose glory over money. It goes without saying, “Unlike Mbappe.”

It wasn’t a problem that he was here, it wasn’t just emotional. These are the foundations laid for the future, and Tchoameni is Europe’s most popular midfielder and is part of what Perez calls the “Three Tenors” men’s succession plans. Casemiro, Toni Kroos and Luka Modric are Madrid, an unparalleled history and unlikely to ever match. He has evolved his identity with the addition of 23-year-old Federico Valverde and 19-year-old Eduardo Camavinga.

It doesn’t happen right away, and certainly not all at once – Casemiro is 30 years old, Claus 32, and Modric signed an extension of another year three months after his 37th birthday – but they Even eternal time and transition can’t be resisted in progress. Valverde played 46 games last season, and the recurring theme of Madrid’s return to the Europa League was the introduction of Camavinga. By the end of the semi-final victory over Manchester City, no tenor was on the pitch. All three have started the finals.

So far, Tchoameni has become complementary and competitive, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be replaced, it offers something different from the depth, and Casemiro had nothing. But that’s not all. He talked about his lessons learned from Monaco’s teammate Cesc Fabregas and defined himself as an intelligent player with the physical condition to win the ball. No one in Europe has recovered any more this season.

He said he took number 18 and learned by looking at Casemiro because it was the closest to his favorite number 8 owned by Claus. In Madrid’s 4-3-3, who has played most of his career in the midfield pair, he believes he can act as a “6 or 8” and knows that even joining the team is a “challenge”. From a teammate waiting for him who said he was inspired, and from a teammate he will take over someday.

After all, this was his first day and ended a long way. “If I win the five European Cups, that means I wasn’t too bad,” he said.

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