Chicago Bulls Two Trading Options

THE Off-season The number of NBAs is approaching, and rumors are rising every day. Today, I will list two trading options for the Chicago Bulls. From now on, we will explore the possibilities of each team for the next season.

The Chicago Bulls got off to a great start to the season, but were injured and beat the team.However, the team hinted that with the right pieces, they could go far beyond the first round. play off.. The bench is a bit suspicious, but the Bulls don’t need much.There is nothing the board can’t solve Off-season, but. But with the introduction of the two stars, the Chicago team can do more than go to the playoffs.

Chicago Bulls Trade Options

Rudy Gobert

The Chicago Bulls are discouraged by Nikola Vucevic and, by all signs, offer a package containing the 18th pick, Coby White. draft, And a pivot by Rudy Gobert of Utah Jazz. Today, the Bulls are under the salary cap, so that would be possible.According to journalist Sean Deveney, from the website heavyThe desire of a jazz board fits it: All-Star Caliber Player (Vucevic), Young Prospect (White) and Choose Under recruitment.

Is it the best offer jazz gets? It may not be. But it’s realistic and fits what both teams want.

Gobert, who plays with Lonzo Ball and receives a mid-court pass for submission, is the dream of many Bulls fans. However, after the defense with the French has improved, efforts must be made to make the team more effective on both sides of the court. Therefore, the next one of the Chicago Bulls trading options may be a bit more aggressive.

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Kyrie Irving

Brooklyn Nets management doesn’t know what to do with Kyrie Irving. The Chicago Bulls are hesitant to give Zach LaVine the biggest deal (about $ 200 million over five years). So it works. Irving doesn’t always ask for the ball, so you can play with Lonzo Ball. Meanwhile, the team has another point guard (Ben Simmons), so Ravien arrives in Brooklyn Nets to help Kevin Durant.

Therefore, the Bulls will later send LaVine Sign and trade And in return, Irving Player options With a promise to extend to Chicago.

When it comes to parts, Irving doesn’t have much market today. The manager suspects that he is not very excited about basketball and that it makes trading difficult. But in Chicago, recent team improvements have made the chance to compete for the title a reality.

In sports terms, it is mutually beneficial.

Finally, the Bulls have the first five Lonzo Ball, Kyrie Irving, DeMar DeRozan, Patrick Williams and Rudy Gobert, and the board needs to work to sign a one-time free agent on the bench. I have. Ayo Dosunmu and Alex Caruso are the best choices.

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