Charlotte Hornets 3 Trading Options

THE Off-season The number of NBAs is approaching, and rumors are rising every day. Today we list three trading options for the Charlotte Hornets. From now on, we will explore the possibilities of each team for the next season.

Two years of LaMelo Ball, Play-in.. Charlotte Hornets stagnated under James Borrego (Kenny Atkinson succeeded him) and couldn’t improve at the table, but they achieved significantly better results. In 2020-21, the Hornets had a record of 33 wins and 39 losses (45.8% success), but in the current campaign they have risen to 43 wins in 82 games (52.4%). In other words, it was even higher.It was impossible to convert such a victory directly into a classification play off.. After all, it cost Bolego a lot, and now the team has to undergo some changes. But what was the most worrisome wasp from 2021 to 22? defense. Now let’s outline the purpose of finding an exchange that solves this.

Charlotte Hornets replacement option

Kentavious Caldwell-Pop

Let’s start from the beginning. If Charlotte Hornets has a future on LaMelo Ball, an experienced player who knows how to defend and shoot from three must be by his side. Such “good and cheap” include Kentavious Caldwell Pope, who does both. Here, both will exchange one boundary player for another under similar terms and conditions.

The Hornets sent Kelly Oubre to the Washington Wizards, and Coldwell Pope did the opposite. Oubre could start his career at Wizards and become the sixth man after Bradley Beal and Kyle Kuzma (assuming he plays Winger). In return, KCP plays with the ball to strengthen its surroundings.

But what about Terry Rozier? Calm down, he leaves the following options in a per-pivot package. This is another lack of team.

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Al Horford

It’s even stranger to include Al Horford during the final, but from the Boston Celtics roster, it’s the first name to be portrayed as “tradable.” So 36-year-old Horford will join Charlotte Hornets for Terry Rozier (Wow) and Mason Plumlee. No, I’m not trying to make the Celtics worse. Imagine a Massachusetts team with someone (Rozier) who shares the ball in advance with Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown in the wing, and Jayson Tatum in the wing. Robert Williams will take care of the paint.

Oh, but what about Plumlee?

Well, he enters the final year of his contract. Plumlee can pass the ball better than most NBA centers, but the team doesn’t kill anyone for 12 to 15 minutes a night. Meanwhile, Rozier has already gone to Boston, where he knows how things work, and eventually the first five Derrick White pave the way for him to get off the bench. I can. In addition, he can generate 15 points with a 40% advantage of 3 on the Celtics.

Horford, on the other hand, has a contract that expires and could act as a mentor for Kai Jones, a prospect who almost no one speaks. In 24 G-League games, Jones shot more than 60% with 18.3 points, 11.0 rebounds, 2.0 blocks and 1.6 steals.

Mike Conley and Royce O’Neill

Soon, can you imagine how good the Charlotte Hornets are in the reserve weight of LaMelo Ball? What about another border defender? Mike Conley and Royce O’Neal will settle the case. In return, Utah Jazz receives the familiar face, Forward Gordon Hayward.

First, Clint Capela, John Collins, Kevin Huerter’s jazz trading potential and the 16th pick in the center’s Rudy Gobert draft put the team in command by Donovan Mitchell. Mitchell has already coordinated a play in Salt Lake City, right? Would you like to make it official and make him a de facto point guard? On his side were Harter and Hayward, and Lane was formed by Collins and Capella. Better for jazz, who can trade with Bojan Bogdanovic to strengthen the bench?

Hornets, on the other hand, welcomes excellent veteran players to long range shooting and defense professionals. That’s what the NBA wants.

Therefore, in the new Hornets, the first quintet will include LaMelo Ball, Kentavious Caldwell Pope, Royce O’Neal, Miles Bridges and Al Horford. On the bench, in addition to James Boonite, Mike Conley (you can play for minutes with the ball because you don’t always need it), PJ Washington, Cody Martin (updated), Jalen McDaniels, Kai Jones. Jones.

With such a trading option, the Charlotte Hornets would be much more defensive and still very good at three-shoots.

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