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Reading before the raceAbout F1 European Foot Dangers:

Another victim of yesterday’s condition Sergio Perez (2nd in the drivers’ ranking) crashed in the second quarter and will start from 13th today. “I’m very sorry for the team because I made a mistake from my side,” he later lamented. “Unfortunately, they were disappointed today.” Can Alonso steal a rare podium finish as he and Leclerc start the field and Mercedes hasn’t overcome the aerodynamic headache yet? ?? His last was in Qatar last year, his first race in 105 races. Today’s complete victory will be the oldest winner since Nigel Mansell in 1994.

Some positive weather newsAlso, yesterday’s flood is not seen anywhere. As it rained, the clouds and temperature dropped. Montreal is 18 degrees and it is sunny on the day of the race.

Show star In yesterday’s qualifying, Fernando Alonso undoubtedly ran around a tricky circuit, making a start in the front row for the first time in 10 years, but he was careful to make a modest sound after that.

“It wasn’t a regular qualifying Or it’s not a normal day, “he said. “FP1, there was a very dirty track. A very clean track. FP2, it got more grip and more normal. FP3 was wet and the qualifying was semi-dry. So two times in a row under the same conditions. I didn’t have a session, so I had to adapt very quickly to the new conditions I was facing.

“That’s right, it’s like that We had the right confidence in the car and had a good setup. So I think it’s the responsibility of 50% of the team and the driver to be all right today, but it doesn’t make any sense because the race is tomorrow and I made a mistake and said I had zero points. ”

Here’s a report from yesterday’s qualifying:


Penny for the idea of ​​Charles Leclerc.. Two months ago, Monaco coasted away from the chase, winning two races in the first three races, then scoring 34 points in the Drivers’ Championship and 46 points for its most obvious title rival. At Max Verstappen.

But in F1, two months is a long timePoor Leclerc has to enter the Canadian Grand Prix today and treat it as a damage-limiting exercise for the hope of his title, as the saying goes awry. With a frankly ridiculous 80-point swing in the last five races, Verstappen topped the leaderboard with his teammate Sergio Perez. And at the start line in Montreal, Leclerc is looking at Verstappen through a sea of ​​traffic that has been commissioned behind the grid and punished for using too many power unit components.What is Monaco Sacre blue??

Lewis HamiltonAfter spending a week treating back injuries caused by bouncing on the bax straight, he will race after the best qualifying of the season so far. However, expectations for Verstappen’s Red Bull from 4th place are certainly low.

Alongside Verstappen in the front row Fernando Alonso, 40, rolled back for years in qualifying, jinxing wet tracks and power-sliding Alpine from the last corner to finish the spectacular lap. And the Spaniards did not keep secret to disguise his plans today. “The goal is to lead the race on the first lap,” he says. “Turn one: maximum attack.”

It should be good. Strap-in. It goes out at 19:00 BST.

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