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Bet365 is a world-renowned online sports betting platform. On this site, registered users can guess the results of more than 30 sports such as basketball, baseball and boxing, and bet on some casino games. You can bet on pre-match or live matches with the goal of converting hits into money. With gambling bans in Brazil, many are wondering if Bet365 is legal or dangerous and if it’s worth betting on the site.

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With that in mind, TechTudo Clarified five common questions about online bookmakers. In the next line, you’ll understand how the site works, see if the platform works legally in Brazil, and learn more about the history of the service, including Bet365 owners.

Bet365 allows users to bet online on a wide variety of sports — Photo: Marcela Franco / TechTudo

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1. What is it and how does it work? bet365??

Bet365 was founded in the 2000s. The headquarters of the online bookmaker is located in North Staffordshire, England, where the owner was born and raised. Currently, the platform is available in 17 languages ​​and is one of the largest sports betting sites in the world.

The Bet365 home page shows some categories of sports for betting, as well as the match of the day — Photo: Duplicate / Mariana Tralback

The platform is very intuitive. To get started, simply create an account and deposit the amount into your virtual wallet via credit card, bank transfer, or borate. The user can then make the first guess, which, if correct, will be converted into money. In addition to different categories of sports, Bet365 offers multiple types of bets, allowing players to choose their best entry. There are also some casino game options.

2. Owner bet365??

British businessman Denise Coates is the founder of Bet365. She is a majority shareholder of the company and holds a 50.2% stake, while her brother John Coates and her father Peter Coates hold a combined 43.1% stake. Family-owned businesses handle billions of dollars in gambling annually.

Dennis’ father, Peter Coates, was born in poverty. He became a businessman and bookmaker throughout his life, made a lot of savings and investments, and bought some homes for gamblers. In it, the founders realized that bringing gambling to the Internet could be a promising business.

In the 2000s, online bookmakers already had several options, all of which were still in the early stages of development. So she bought the domain and worked on the digital maturity of family business. This later showed excellent results.

Many are wondering if Bet365 is legalized as Law No. 9.215 of April 30, 1946 provides gambling and casino games on the site that are banned in Brazil. ..

Bet365 Sports Betting Page — Photo: Duplicate / Maria Natralback

In addition, Bet365’s servers are hosted in the United Kingdom. That way, when the game is played, its registration will take place in the country of origin where the activity is not prohibited. Therefore, Bet365 is legal and Brazilians can guess the site without much concern.

4.4. bet365 Is it safe or dangerous?

Because of their fear of these online services, it is common for users to think that Bet365 is dangerous or constitutes a mud scheme. This is usually to jeopardize the safety of the gambler if the origin is suspected. However, this site has been on the market for over 20 years and is reliable. With so many users around the world, we have the most important government licenses for our business. Therefore, the Panther will receive the funds as usual.

Bet365 betting site uses encryption to protect user data — Photo: Mariana Tralback

When it comes to site security, the platform works with SSL encryption. This is an advanced system that protects user information such as card numbers and passwords and prevents criminal attacks. The acronym “HTTPS” in the address bar and the padlock icon prove the safety of browsing. In addition, this site uses identity verification for withdrawals. The person can only withdraw money through his own bank account. In other words, Bet365 is reliable.

Still, it is important to mention that the use of the site poses a risk that needs attention: addiction. Accessibility to the platform can be an issue as you can place a bet at any time with just a few clicks. Using your credit card directly is also a potentially trapping feature, as it can give users out of control of their spending.

Although the Bet365 platform is recognized worldwide, it has earned a “deprecated” corporate seal within Reclame Aqui. Until the publication date of this article, there were 3521 negative comments and zero responses. Complaints cite the bureaucraticism of several processes, such as delays in confirming a user’s account, as well as issues related to depositing accounts, difficulty withdrawing, and so on.

Bet365 has a negative reputation on the website Reclame Aqui and has won a “not recommended” sticker — Photo: Reproduction / Mariana Tralback

Bet365 does not provide feedback to the complainant, so it is impossible to know what has already been resolved. However, the support provided by chat or email can be more efficient, which is an ideal channel for resolving inconveniences. It is also worth exchanging experience with other users of the betting community before deciding to trade on the site.

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