British Gymnastics Brace for Publishing Abominable Report on Abuse | Gymnastics

British Gymnastics is supporting itself for its terrible 300-page report on its abuse scandal. This document is expected to strongly criticize the Governing Body’s previous leadership when it was published Thursday afternoon.

An independent review of Anne Whyte QC, published nine months behind the original plan, is said by those who saw it as a comprehensive and extensive investigation into allegations of gymnastic abuse at all levels of sport. ..

In last year’s interim report, White revealed that he had received submissions from nearly 400 people, 39 cases were considered very serious, and there were concerns about child protection reasons or ongoing criminal activity. Was handed over to the local government for.

White also wrote that British Gymnastics received an average of 300 complaints annually between 2015 and 2020, and received information about more than 100 coaches and 90 clubs.

A complete white review is understood to make some recommendations for radically changing the culture of sports. However, since the report was prepared in 2020, British gymnastics has already undergone significant reforms and is said to admit that the new leadership team is already making a difference.

The report White delivered to UK Sports and Sport England last week was handed over to British Gymnastics on Monday. Since then, the organization has held a series of meetings with coaches, gymnasts and parents and has already promised to implement its recommendations.

Earlier this year, British Gymnastics pointed out the “significant changes” made, including new CEO Sarah Powell, a better grievance system, and a larger integrity team.

The White Review will be published a few days after a former acrobatic gymnast became the first person to win a civil lawsuit against British gymnastics in sports abuse.

The Governing Body acknowledged full responsibility and settled with Eloise Jotischky. He claimed that she remained “physically exhausted” between 2016 and 2018 after undergoing improper weight management skills at a local club.

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    The 19-year-old gymnast is one of more than 40 gymnasts who claim to be a victim of systemic physical and psychological abuse and claim to British gymnastics.

    The entire review will be published Thursday afternoon, according to a joint statement by UK Sport and Sport England. “We recognize the courage that everyone, including gymnasts, parents and coaches, have shared their experiences with, and we appreciate their contributions,” he added. “We also thank Anne Whyte QC and her team for their efforts in preparing the review.”

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