BOLA – Sports will be three national champions for beginners (soccer)

Sporting became a national champion under the age of 15 in the eighth round of the championship qualifying phase at the Estadio Aurelio Pereira at the Alcochete Academy on Thursday morning.

Geovany Quenda (2), Gabriel Silva (2), Winilson Lopes and Tomás Mendes were thus the creators of Lion’s goal, which sealed the conquest of another national title in the last two rounds of the championship. If you reach 22 points (7 wins, 1 draw) and have only 6 points in dispute, as opposed to 15 points added by Benfica.

In this way, Sporting became a three-time national champion as the green and white teams had already raised trophies in 2017/2018 and 2018/2019. In the next two seasons, the championship did not end due to restrictions. No title was awarded as it was imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Benfica climbs to deputy lead and FC Porto rises to podium

Benfica and FC Porto also won in the other two games of the round.

The Eagles won the SC Braga (4-2). The Reds’ goals were scored by Eduardo Fernandez, Duartesoares, Afonso Jesus and Diogo Martins. Edgar Mota and Thomas Müller were selected as Arsenalists.

With this victory, Benfica overtook Vitoria de Guimaran to take second place on the league table. SC Braga continues to be in 7th place.

In Coimbra, FC Porto had no problems defeating Academica 8 to 1 at Academic Cabrioza XXI. Leonardo Fajardo (3), Rodrigo Mora (2), Thomas Peikoto, Rodrigo Moreira and Salvador Cardoso were the scorers. Blue and white. Diogo Palrinhas focused on the goals of the students’ honor.

The Dragons reach 13 points and join Vitoria de Guimarais in 3rd place, but Academica stays at the end of the table.

In the next round, the ninth and last to last rounds of this phase of the championship, FC Porto will host Sporting and Benfica will host Vitoria Deguimaran (both games next Sunday morning). Scheduled at 11 o’clock). Also on the same day, but at 17:00, SC Braga measures force with academia.

Recall the main incidents of Round 8:

It ended in Arcoshete: Sporting was named three national champions for beginners in two days to go to the championship. Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, Lions will repeat their 2018 and 2019 achievements after a two-year break in the competition.

In Coimbra, FC Porto defeated Academica (8-1) and the game was over.

During the compensation period, Sporting reached half a dozen (6-0) at the reception to V. Guimaraes, and Thomas Mendes scored a goal (80 + 1′).

The match ended in Seixal and Benfica beat SC Braga 4-2.

Benfica responds to 80 + 1’with Diogo Martins’ fourth goal (4-2).

In Seixal, SC Braga reduced Thomas Müller’s disadvantage (2-3) in the 79th minute.

Another goal of Arcoshete: Nilsson Lopez has scored 5-0 (64′) against V. Guimaran.

In Seixal, Benfica was reduced to 10 units after captain Rui Silva was expelled after a tough challenge to Rodrigo Markets (60 minutes).

In Coimbra, FC Porto scored again through Rodrigo Moreira, already beating Academica 8-1.

Gabriel Silva scored twice (45 minutes), V. Increase the lead to 4-0 against Guimaran and count down to the sporting celebration.

Sporting is getting closer and closer to the title with a 3-0 lead over V. Guimaraães by Geovany Quenda (43′).

Sporting-V. Guimaraes (2-0) and Academica-FC Porto (1-6) started in the second half.

Another goal of Benfica (3-1), this time 50 minutes by Afonso Jesus.

Benfica (2-1), Duarte Soares 45 minutes, goal against SC Braga.

Sport will be the national champion today, Thursday, while maintaining the Lions advantage of beating V. Guimaran 2-0 in half-time.

The second half started with Seixal. Benfica and SC Braga are connected by one goal.

Half-time at Sporting-V. Guimaraes (2-0) and Académica-FC Porto (1-6).

In the Arcoshete, Gabriel Silva widened the lead over V. Guimaran in the 35th minute (2-0).

Academica lost to FC Porto by Diogo Palinhas (1-5).

In Seixal, Benfica reached the Eduardo Fernandez draw (1-1) in the 38th minute. It’s time for a break.

Sporting started scoring with Geovany Quenda in the 16th minute.

FC Porto have already won 5-0 in the 12th minute with goals from Rodrigo Mora, Vasco Sousa and Leonardo Fajardo (2).

Academica-FC Porto started.

Sporting-V has started. Guimaraes referenced by Pedro Afonso (AFSetúbal).

13 minutes: SC Braga goal (0-1) by Edgar Mota against Benfica.

In Seixal, Benfica-SC Braga has already begun in a match umpired by Henrique Bright (AF Leiria).

Sporting can become the champion this Thursday, three days before the end of the qualifying phase of the beginners’ championship. Defeating Vitoria de Guimaraes in Arcoshete, the kick-off is scheduled for 11:15 am and Academia welcomes FC Porto. ..

Lions lead 19 points, 6 points more than Gimaran, and Benfica will face SC Braga from 11:00 am today, occupying third place with 12 points.


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