BOLA – Sports is a national youth champion (soccer)

Sporting won when there were still two games left after defeating SC Braga (2-0) this Wednesday.

Lions took the lead through Guilherme Santos in the 21st minute.

Even before the break, Sporting smelled the second goal. Manuel Mendonsa fired a powerful shot and stopped at Renato Amorim’s goal crossbar.

In the second half, the young lion’s dominance was maintained, and in the 54th minute Vivaldo Semedo scored a second goal in green and white.

Remember the movie you met.

Last whistle: Sports won (2-0) and is a national youth champion.

90′: 6 minutes of additional time.

87′: Double move with Lions. Afonso Moreira and Rodrigodias depart for the entries of Jose Silva and Henrique Reiol.

86′: Pedro Sanka (sports) yellow card.

82′: Afonso Moreira is almost in third place in sporting. The ball passes slightly beyond the goal of Renato Amorim.

77′: Lion’s double change. Goal scorers leave (Vivaldo Semedo and Guilherme Santos) and enter Manuel Kissonga and Micael Sanhá.

72′: Minho was forced to move. Francisco Chissumba is leaving. Please enter the Nuno Patricio.

72 mins: Injured Francisco Chissumba (SC Braga) has to leave the field on a stretcher.

70′: Another change in Braga. Enter Diogo Martins instead of Guilherme Barbosa.

63′: Change in sports. Pedro Sanca will join on behalf of Rafael Nel.

59′: Three changes in SC Braga. Enter Joan Gil, Gonzalo Marheiro, and Afonso Mashad to replace Afonso Duarte, Diego Rodriguez, and David Duarte.

54′: Sporting score. Vivaldo Semedo will be the second of the Lions (2-0).

47 mins: Vivaldo Semedo (Sporting) put the ball behind SC Braga’s net, but offside bidding was no longer allowed.

The beginning of the second part.

Frederico Varandas, President of Sporting, is on the bench.

break down: Sports go to the changing room with an advantage (1-0).

42 mins: Dinnis Rodriguez (SC Braga)’s yellow card after a tough challenge to Rodrigo Diaz.

40 mins: Guilherme Pires (Sporting) prevents ties after a shot by Afonso Duarte.

30 minutes: A great opportunity for sporting to score a second goal. Manuel Mendonsa hit Renato Amorim’s goal crossbar.

27 mins: Francisco Chissumba (SC Braga) receives the first yellow card of the match.

21′: Sporting score! Guilherme Santos advances the lion with shots from outside the area, but still suffers from Braga player deflection.

11 hours: Start the game

The starting teams are:

Sports-Guilherme Pires, Leonardo Barroso, Pedro Silva, João Muniz, Rodrigo Dias, Alexandre Brito, Afonso Moreira, Manuel Mendonça, Vivaldo Semedo, Guilherme Santos, Rafael Nel

SC Braga-Renato Amorim, Thomas Marquez, João Rodriguez, Diogo Pereira, Francisco Chisumba, Gierme Barbosa, Afonso Duarte, Diego Rodriguez, Dinis Rodriguez, João Vasconceros, David Duarte.

If three games are played before the end of the championship, Sporting will lead with 19 points, followed by SC Braga with 15 points.


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