BOLA – Lions talk about “continuous passiveness”, “barbaric and disproportionate power” and call for an emergency meeting to “MAI” (sports).

A few minutes after Miguel Afonso, a member of the Sporting Board of Directors arrested and identified by the PSP at the end of Roller Hockey Derby, issued a brief note explaining what happened to the Lions website on Sunday ( (See related news), the club states that it is responsible, but points to “continuous passiveness in the face of hostile climate created in other stadiums and pavilions” and “barbarians”. It was my turn to react with a much longer statement. “Power” and “Completely Imbalance” were used by the authorities in the above games. Then, we announce the request for an emergency meeting to the Ministry of Interior (MAI).

Sports statement

«Sporting Club de Portugal guides action based on beliefs and ways in sport as a means of positively impacting others and society, setting an example and demonstrating leadership.

The club has been the most fought in this regard in some respects in adopting and presenting proposals aimed at the evolution of sports with an ecosystem that opposes violence or promotes the best of the show. It’s one. Healthy competitiveness. And in this way, in constant development and self-analysis, we take responsibility and always take responsibility, if applicable.

Therefore, the event that took place in a roller hockey game with SL Benfica last weekend deserves the next statement from Sporting CP.

-Sporting CP takes responsibility for it, as it was done today by the members of the board involved in the event.

-The constant passiveness in the face of hostility created by other stadiums and pavilions unfortunately creates a general indignation and injustice. Because it is an unpunished behavior, it does not protect healthy sports and the majority of people who practice it, and it has a negative impact on referee teams, athletes, technical teams and all others. It’s a repetitive exercise, already a brand image for some clubs, and even if it’s done frequently in places where there’s no camera to register, there’s a growing desire to be repeated by other clubs.

-Surprisingly, contrary to this “typical” passivity in other contexts, police officials choose to act completely disproportionately to what the situation demands and act brute force. I decided to do it.

-Finally, Sporting CP announces that it will request an emergency meeting with the Ministry of Interior to prevent these situations from happening again. “


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