BOLA – FC Porto defeats Benfica in a 15-goal show (roller hockey)

Many goals in the third game of the playoff final, Dragan Arena, returned FC Porto to Benfica after winning 9-6. This new success at Estádio do Sport will turn FC Porto players into national champions on the 25th.

In a very fierce match in the first half, FC Porto quickly gained an advantage on the scoreboard using Benfica’s false start. He scored virtually on his first trip to Pedro Enriquez’s goal by Carlo di Benedetto (2 m). Xavi Barroso widened the lead (8m) when Benfica retreated in defense. These were the most exciting moments of the opening period, as Pablo Alvarez lost balance and lost balance as soon as he entered the lane, with three goals in the same eight minutes, but Esekiel Mena was next. I scored with the movement. Gonzalo Pinto left Benfica more comfortable before the break (16 m) when Benfica signed the visitor’s second goal (3-2).

In the second half, Esekiel Mena started with a new goal from Porto in the first minute (26 m), but despite recovering from the injury, Benfica was always in danger when Pablo Alvarez was on the rink. , Argentina and Gonzalo were able to level. Focus (29 and 30 m) fixed the first red reed (4-5). However, there was no somersault on the scoreboard as Reinaldo García, Xavi Barroso and Telmo Pinto scored four goals in the 9th minute (35, 39, 41, 43 m) and had the tenth foul in the team’s pipeline. .. Carlos Nicolia defeated a series of direct free kicks (46 m) after issuing a blue card to Pablo Alvarez (48 m) and before Carlo di Benedetto finished the count.

Remember the game movie:

50′: Game over with a dragon! FC Porto before the final was 2-1.

47′: FC Porto Goal, 9-6! Following Benfica’s 10th foul, Carlo di Benedetto makes the 9th Dragons from a direct free kick.

47 minutes: Pablo Alvarez (Benfica) blue card.

45 mins: After the move, after a collision with Terumo Focus, Carlos Nicolia had to get help in her lumbar region.

45 minutes: Benfica’s goal, 8-6! In the direct free kick collection, Carlos Nicolia cuts for the Eagles. Xavi Marian also saved Argentina’s first shot, but Benfica’s seventh scored in the rebound.

43 minutes: FC Porto scored 8-5! Reinaldo Garcia used the “offer” to defeat Pedro Enriquez again from a medium range. The Eagles goalkeeper didn’t look good in the photo.

41 minutes: FC Porto scored 7-5! Terumo Pinto escaped behind the goal and defeated Pedro Enriquez in half a turn.

39 minutes: FC Porto scored 6-5! From the middle of the street, Xavi Barroso scores the best goal of the night and pushes the dragon forward again. What a “shot” from the Spaniards!

34 minutes: FC Porto scored 5-5! The next minute, Reynard Garcia drew the match! Not for the timid!

33 minutes: Benfica’s goal, 4-5! Benfica stood in front of the marker for the first time, and with the brilliant support of Pol Manrubia, Gonzalo Focus flexed in the area. Portuguese “hat-trick”!

29′: Benfica’s goal, 4-4! Pablo Alvarez took advantage of it and tied the game with a dragon at the entrance to the area.

29′: Benfica Goal, 4-3! In response to the penalty, Gonzalo Pinto surprised the blue and white goalkeepers by scoring two goals in a shot from the midrange.

28 mins: Goncalo alves missed a penalty after Porman Rubia fouled Xavi Barroso in the area.

26′: FC Porto Goal, 4-2! Fifteen seconds after the restart, Dragon No. 7 appeared in the area and was out of reach of Pedro Enriquez.

26′: The game will resume!

25′: Destroy the dragon! A very lively and balanced match, FC Porto came forward 3-2.

15 minutes: Benfica’s goal, 3-2! Gonzalo Pinto, served by Carlos Nicolia, signs the second eagle in the face of Xavi Marian.

8 minutes: FC Porto scored 3-1! Eseki Hermena regains the Dragons’ two-goal advantage after the ball is released midfield. 3 goals in 1 minute with Dragão!

8 minutes: Benfica’s goal, 2-1! Pablo Álvarez, who just joined, has gained a position in the area and is closing in on a good individual job.

8 minutes: FC Porto scored 2-0! Xavi Barroso makes it easy to score goals with Pedro Enriquez’s open goals.

5 mins: FC Porto is on the verge of a second crisis, which Pedro Henriquez has denied to Carlo di Benedetto and Xavi Barroso.

2 minutes: FC Porto scored 1-0! Carlo di Benedetto signs at the beginning of the night.

1′: The game starts!

In Benfica, the absence of Argentina’s Lucas Ordonez, who was unable to play due to an injury, stands out.

FC Porto: Xavi Marian, Esekiel Mena, Carlo di Benedetto, Xavi Barroso, Goncalo alves

Benfica: Pedro Henriquez, Diogo Rafael, Carlos Nicolia, Edu Lamas, Gonzalo Pinto


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