BOLA – Controversy over titles: Learn about the opinions requested by the FPF (soccer)

The Portuguese Football Federation already has two opinions prepared by researchers at the universities of Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra on the classification of national competitions and will be voted at the extraordinary general meeting on June 29th. The referees and disciplinary rules voted at AG da Liga last week are a conference that can rewrite the history of domestic football titles.

The Independent National Title Analysis Committee (CIATN) was created in 2018 as a result of the allegations made by Sporting, claiming to have won four more titles in the Portuguese League four times (1922/1923). , 1933/1934). ), 1935/1936 and 1937/1938) At the Portuguese Championships between 1921/1922 and 1937/1938, according to Lions, the name of the winner must be on the list of national champion clubs. I have.

As promised when receiving the exhibition announced by Sporting, the Portuguese Football Federation provided the analysis and historical evaluation of the competition to a group of experts (the so-called National Title Analysis Independent Committee (CIATN)). .. A few years later, we will provide the results of this work. And you know the ball, discussion and approval are two opinions. And if one of them is approved, the federation’s AG may decide not to approve any of them …-whatever it is, the list of country titles will change.

-Opinion 1

Created by Amândio JM Barros, Manuel A. Janeira, Ricardo C. Pereira (all recommended by the University of Porto) and Sílvia AC Alves (all from the University of Lisbon), this opinion is the history of two major events across the country. «The winner of the Portuguese Championship in the season 1921/1922 to 1933/1934 must be considered a national champion as well as the winner of the League Championship (1934/1935 to 1937/1938) prior to the National Championship. .. The winner of the Portuguese Championship from 1934/1935 to 1937/1938 must be recognized as the winner of the Portuguese Cup. “

In other words, if this is an opinion approved by a partner, Sporting will have two more national champion titles like Benfica, but the big beneficiaries are FC Porto (+3) and Belenenses (+3). Maritimo, Calcaverinos and Olhanense are also on the list of national champions. As far as the Portugal Cup is concerned, Sporting has two more, one Benfica and one FC Porto.

-Opinion 2

Written by Francisco Pinheiro (appointed by the University of Coimbra) is Opinion 2, which is more conservative. «The Portuguese Championship is the league championship (I and II league), the predecessor of the Portuguese Cup and the predecessor of the National Championship (I and II divisions). Therefore, the winner of the league championship (between 1934/35 and 1937/1938) should be recognized as the national champion, and the club that won the Portuguese championship from 1921/1922 to the present is the winner of the Portuguese Cup. Should be recognized as. case.

In other words, if this is an opinion approved by the Portuguese Football Federation General Assembly, only the winner of the Portuguese Cup will change, the history of the national champion title will not change. In that case, Sporting and FC Porto will be the biggest winners, with four more home cups, but Benfica and Belenenses, three each, just behind them. And of course, Maritimo, Calcaverinos and Olhanense will be the winners of the Portuguese Cup.

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