Big Data Expects to Improve Post-Pandemic Fan Experience Wimbledon | Wimbledon

Wimbledon is turning to big data to improve fans’ tennis knowledge after discovering that even championship ticket owners are unaware of most players in the game.

This year’s tournament crowd will return to sold-out levels after the coronavirus pandemic, but will be exposed to more facts and numbers that the organizers hope to help “get closer to sports.” increase. AI-powered statistics not only better explain the strengths and weaknesses of the player’s game, but also use data partially constructed by traversing newspaper headlines to predict upsets and new stars. increase.

Alexandra Willis, director of communications and marketing at the All England Club, said the idea came before Covid. “We found that most fans didn’t watch tennis for the rest of the year,” she said. “They also didn’t hear about most players. [and] This was a particular barrier to engagement. “

Wimbledon’s two-week spectators, TV viewers, and app users are now able to aggregate data from a variety of sources into WinFactor, a tool that more accurately predicts a player’s chances of winning in a particular match. You will be able to access it. Fans can also enter their match predictions, but they will be prompted to look for more information about the lesser-known players in the game.

“Using technology to enable fans to get more information, get involved and get involved throughout Wimbledon’s two weeks is at the heart of Wimbledon’s strategy to stay relevant,” Willis said. Recognizes that tournaments need to balance tradition and innovation. “We need to look forward to more than just celebrating the past,” she said.

Wimbledon relies on providing information to its 33-year-old technology partner, IBM. While tech companies boast artificial intelligence capabilities, they also have staff who physically record statistics on the courtside for each Wimbledon match, stating that they currently have 9.2 million tennis data points recorded. Another data tool uses AI to scrutinize media sources and measure a player’s “emotion.” It leaves the possibility that tabloid scandals will have an undesired impact on a player’s chances of win factor.

The new features are part of Wimbledon’s response to the challenges faced by many sports: opening a courtroom for modern spectators. Following the success of Formula One’s rejuvenation, the All England Club, along with other tennis organizations, has signed a deal with Netflix to produce a drive-to-survival-style series that records events at sports Grand Slam events. did. The individuality of the game.

The refreshment of the center court, which has passed 100 years this summer, is almost complete. The details of the old architecture will be restored and the number of accessible seats will increase, but one small detail also proves to be important. The screen covering the player’s tunnel has been removed and the camera will provide a better shot when the stars come. In court.

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