Best of the Year Award Ends 21/22 Season – National Basketball League

The awards offered by Budweiser conclude the season with a high reputation. Check out the winners:

On Tuesday night (13/6), Budweiser’s NBB Best of the Year Party presented a stunning highlight of the final version of the country’s largest championship at a ceremony full of surprises and excitement. With Bruno Caboclo being elected King of the Season, the award brilliantly concludes the 21/22 season.

The official ceremony was held at Cine Joia in São Paulo and aired on NBB’s Youtube channel.

The award ceremony ended with a beautiful speech by Sesi Franca coach Helinho Garcia, who brought home the best coach of the year, Ary Vidal Trophy, in addition to winning an unprecedented NBB title last weekend. rice field.

“I was very happy. This perception gives us direction and shows that we are doing a very good job and that we are right. The best of the many greats. I am very pleased and honored to be selected as a coach. Playing and working for Franca in basketball is a greater responsibility, but given the perceptions that we carry on every day, we are next. With this energy, this motivation, and the support of an enthusiastic crowd, always looking for the best will maximize our pursuit of our goals, “Helinho Garcia said. rice field.

The 21/22 season King of the Season trophy was presented to Bruno Caboclo, a forward / pivot in São Paulo. Bruno Caboclo performed brilliantly throughout the championship, averaging 18.9 points, 8.3 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 19.9 efficiencies. Caboclo also closed the night with the best pivot trophy of the year and the finalist of the best defender award.

Markinhos from São Paulo won the 11th Winger of the Year award, and Shak Johnson from 123 Minas won this award for the first time. Elinho Corazza from São Paulo was also named a point guard this year in an unprecedented way, and Lucas Mariano won the third pivot award of the year.

The best defender of the season award was given to São Paulo forward / guard Corderro Bennett. Americans were also nominated last year, but at the time they were second. Gemadinha of Pato Basquete has been awarded for the greatest evolution of the year for his decisive performance and responsibility for leading Pato Basquete.

“The player’s mindset is the most important. I worked a lot, I take meditation classes, I also worked a lot, but the main thing was the spiritual part. I was very nervous, but they When I said my name, it was a feeling of a good job, “Gemadinha said.

One of the great sensations of the season, the young Mão sinha of Fortaleza BC has returned from abroad with more experience and maturity in his games. The Winger / Center is the main rebound in the competition with 9.5 rebounds per game, and for many benefits he was selected as the Young Highlight of the season.

“I think it’s like going home because I’m back at NBB and already have youth highlights. I missed the warmth of this Brazil, like us, you’re home Being at home motivates me a lot wherever I am in Brazil. Playing the best Brazilian basketball of my age is satisfying. ” Mão sinha said.

Champion Sesi Franca’s Lucas Mariano won the Oscar Schmidt basket trophy in the championship, was elected to the Pivot of the Year, and won the King Of The Season award. Lucan was an important part of the 21/22 season Cecifranca champion and had his excellent defensive performance, scoring and team-leading power.

“I don’t feel as good as winning the title. That was my goal. Unfortunately I couldn’t win the MVP, but it was part of the sport and the basketball went too well. He Deserves it. Thanks to God for the achievements (basket and pivot of the year). Now I’m focusing on next year and trying to add something different to the game and surprise it. I don’t know how. But I find a way to do something new, and there’s something great about it, “said Lucas Mariano.

2020/2021 NBB Best of the Year Award Winners

Individual awards:

King of the Season (provided by Budweiser): Bruno Caboclo (Sao Paulo FC)

This year’s shipowner: Helinho (Sao Paulo FC)

This year’s wings: Shaq Johnson (123 Minas) and Marquinhos (Sao Paulo)

This year’s pivot: Lucas Mariano (Cesifranca) and Bruno Caboclo (Sao Paulo FC)

Coach of the Year (Ary Vidal Trophy): Erio Garcia (Cesi Franca)

Sixman of the Year: Guy Santos (123 Minas)

Alien of the Year: Shaq Johnson (123 mines)

Youth Highlights: Little Hand (British Columbia Fortress)

Main evolution: Eggnog (basketball duck)

This year’s defender: Corderro Bennett (Flemish)

Person of the Year: Fabián Ricardo Borro, President of CAB – Former President of Confederación Argentinade Básquetbol and Asociación de Clubes de Básquetbol de Argentina

Statistics Award:

basket: Lucas Mariano (Cesifranca) – 18.8 points per game

Rebounder: Little Hand (Fortaleza BC) – 9.6 rebounds per game

Support leader: Elinho – 6.3 per game

Stump leader: Bruno Caboclo (Sao Paulo) – 1.7 per game

Efficiency leader: Georginho (Sesi Franca) – 21.4 per game

Best Attack Team: Sesi Franca – 88.0 points per game

Best defense team: Flamengo – 73.3 points per game

Fair play team:

Arbitration Award:

Best Arbitration Trio: Andrea Regina da Silva (SP), Cristiano da Silva (SC), Fabiano Huber (GO)

Featured referee: Cristiano da Silho (SC)

Revelation Referee: Arantia Godos Santos (SC)

The Best of the Year voting will be conducted by 17 teams of coaches, assistants and captains from the latest version of NBB, as well as professional news outlets, Brazilian basketball personalities, commissioners and referees.

The NBB is sponsored by the National Basketball League (LNB), bears the seal of the Brazilian Basketball Federation (CBB), is affiliated with the NBA and the Brazilian Club Board (CBC), and is sponsored by Budweiser, Sky and Penalties. , EY, Betmotion, Centauro, IMG Arena, Genius Sports, Accor support.

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