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Agenda Page – Know your upcoming game schedule

Update the results of soccer, basketball, baseball and tennis matches in different championships and leagues in different countries in real time. Next to each match, there is information about the odds of the 1X2 market. You can also change to over / under or Asian handicap market odds in the website settings.

Add pages to your favorites to keep track of the games you need.

Click on the stars to tag your favorite games and teams to make it easier to follow updates.

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Match Page – A Paradise for Soccer Analysts and Fans

[分析]The tab provides a brief overview of championship results, team rankings, and home and away win percentages. This makes it easy to understand the quality and momentum of your team.

In addition, you can use information from your team’s last 10 games to see your team’s recent history, results, and upcoming games.

The last 10 games of each team (the last 10 games of the home team and the last 10 games of the visiting team) will give you a better understanding of the situation of the two teams in different situations. Improve pre-game or live game analysis.

[詳細]The tab updates video game shots, goal schedules, players, and other game stats such as total number of corners, yellow cards, shots, and more. If you can’t watch the game live, you can watch it here.

Odds Page-Comparison of Match Odds from Different Bookmakers

We offer market odds of 1X2 / Handicap / Plus or less. Follow each bookmaker’s starting and real-time odds to quickly understand the direction of the odds.

For example, change the odds that indicate the direction of the outcome of the game. If the odds of an entry are getting lower and lower, this entry may win. If not, the bookmaker will change it so that many people bet too much on this possibility and lose no more. Of course, bookmakers can be confusing people. It all depends on the situation. Therefore, in some cases, the starting odds may be more worthy of reference.

Here you can get free daily pre-match tips for soccer and basketball matches from professional tales. The number of hits and profits will be high.

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Our tales select the best games every day for analysis and share the best pre-match betting tips. Each entry has at least 1.40 odds, so followers can’t stop profiting. The content of the review is also a wonderful teaching material.

The font on the light blue screen is clickable. Click to go to the corresponding page. Example: Click vs to access the live game results page. Click Match to go directly to the match history page for the two teams. Click “Odds” to go directly to the game’s odds page.

If you are a professional analyst, join us and publish your own game predictions!

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