Benfica officially sold Everton and bought Neres

€ 13.5 million, which can reach € 16 million. Brazilians played in the red for two seasons after a € 20 million transfer.

According to a note from Benfica’s SAD sent to the market today in connection with the sale of Everton’s “Sebolinha” sports and economic rights to Flamengo, it is € 13.5 million and there are some purpose-related changes. I have.

Keep in mind that Everton cost € 20 million to finance Ruth two seasons ago.

Full text of Benfica’s memo to CMVM:

“Sport Lisboae Benfica-Futebol, SAD (” Benfica SAD “) announces that it has reached an agreement with CR Flamengo to sell 90% of its sports rights and economic rights of player Everton Soares for an amount of € 13,500,000 (” 13 million, 500,000 euros) Benfica SAD is entitled to the following, so the global value of the sale can reach or exceed 16,000,000 euros (16 million euros)), CR Flamengo. Depending on the achievement of goals related to sporting performance, and (ii) receive 10% of the value of the referral player’s future transfer or receive € 1,500,000 (1 million and 500,000 euros), 12 2025 Subject to maintaining the player’s employment relationship with CR Flamengo on the 31st of March and achieving the goals related to the player’s sports performance. There will be an intermediary service fee of 10% of the deducted sales amount. “

Almost at the same time, he realized that new information to the Stock Markets Commission, which was about Brazilian David Neres in Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine), cost € 15.3 million to obtain his pass. rice field.

Complete note:

“Sport Lisboae Benfica-Futebol, SAD (” Benfica SAD “) has all rights to FC Shakhtar Donetsk and player David Neres € 15,300,000 (15 million, 3 plus five sports seasons valid until June 30, 2027. You will be notified that a sports employment contract has been signed with the aforementioned player, including a € 100 million termination clause (€ 100 million). Sport Lisboa e Benfica-Futebol, SAD “.


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