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“Choosing a theoretical model and respecting an individual’s uniqueness is the first step in the treatment process.”

Roselene Wagner, psychologist

In recent weeks, an incident involving actor Srgio Hondjakoff, who has been facing problems related to drug use, has had an impact. He even threatened his father in a video that was talked about on his social media. This fact sheds light on this very complex phenomenon. It interferes with it and is inserted into the context of the same complexity due to the number of variables affected at the same time.

Therefore, according to psychologist Roselene Wagner, treatments that are specialists in different disorders should be planned with the aim of considering different conditions and achieving better results for the dependents in question.

“Each individual carries his story. Choosing a theoretical model and respecting the individual’s uniqueness is the first step in the therapeutic process. But in an artistic environment, everything that seeks to be a celebrity. Because of the demands of, one should consider that mental health, psychological support to deal with many exposures, and attention to refusal, frustration, or sudden fame, sometimes maintaining itself. You can even get a meteor that doesn’t, or even the immutability that can lead him to success and lead to Stardam, “he warned.

“Dr. Reninha,” as she is well known, says that the stage where many people manage to step forward and have all the light and glory is not always challenging and sometimes ambiguous behind the scenes. Says not always.

In the case of drug addiction, treatment still needs to observe the individuality of the patient, according to experts, clinicians working in this field should not deviate from his / her main purpose: helping the individual , Changes the behavior that makes it easier to maintain dependencies.


“To do this, we need to use treatment tools that present evidence-based results. Among the main treatment approaches are pharmacological management, psychotherapeutic interventions, and mutual support groups (dependents and families). There are integrated behaviors in voluntary and involuntary hospitalization in support, professional clinics, support housing, or community therapies formed by the general public (both) who know the problem and its management (recently). I’m getting more specialized), “he points out.

For professionals, experience shows that a combination of several approaches provides the patient with personal attention and pays attention to what he needs most.

Concept of consumption of psychotropic drugs

Leninha also points out that consumers of alcohol and other drugs need to know how he uses the substance. Not all abusers are addicted. Harmful use can be as dangerous as for certain addictions, and occasional use can be even more dangerous.

“For example, how can a young man who is drunk and drunk only on weekends pose a greater danger to himself and society than a chronic alcoholic who is not driving?” ..

It is important to know how consumers of alcohol and other drugs use the substance (Photo: pixabay)

According to her, the difference between use, abuse and dependence is less obvious, but can be explained as follows:

use: It is sporadic or accidental attempting or consuming it and will not cause any harm due to this.

Abuse or harmful use: Abuseful consumption has certain detrimental consequences, whether social, psychological, or biological.

reliance: Loss of control over consumption occurs and the associated loss becomes more apparent.

“This syndrome is organized within a level of severity and is not absolute. There are no characteristic symptoms, but there is a set of symptoms that take into account the intensity of the symptoms along a set of severity. “He adds.

She also states that addiction syndrome is shaped by other effects that can predispose, enhance, or block its symptoms. In this case, an individual’s consumption pattern is formed by a set of risk and protection factors, including individual, environmental, cultural, family, vocational, educational and social factors, as well as the type of substance used.

In the case of Leninha, chemical dependence is characterized by a pattern of compulsive consumption of psychotropic drugs. “I know how to refuse, say no. Don’t leave yourself to the problem. Talk and ask for help. Take care of your sleep. Pay attention to your food. Practice sports; seek professional help whenever you need it.

“Chemical addiction is a behavioral illness. That is, removing behavior also deducts the illness. But easily acquiring the harmful habits of immediate (unrealistic) joy withdraws it. That’s not the same as the difficulty and the serious and realistic losses that will occur in the long run, “he corrected.

For professionals, prevention is always smarter and less expensive than correction through a long process of treatment and recovery.

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