Ball-Sports beat Benfica in overtime (futsal)

In the first match of the futsal championship final, Sport defeated Benfica (5-4). Lions have added their fifth win in the six derbys played this season.

Benfica’s match started even better, with Rocha (2′) leading the Eagles. Esteban Guerrero (3′) still responded to the lion, but Chishkala (9) and Jacalé (17) preempted the deficit for a break. Eric De Mendonca (23′) and Joan Matos (28′) reestablished equality in sporting, Thai Ebi (28′) gave Benfica an advantage, but Kabinato (39′) did everything in overtime. I was forced to make a decision.

In overtime, Panny Varela (47′) surprised Andre Souza with a low and strong shot, giving Sporting an advantage.

The two teams are planning a new meeting at Pavilhão da Luz this Wednesday (9 pm).

Follow the main case of the match here:

23.36 hours: The game is over! Sport is better than Benfica (5-4).

49′: Chishkala shoots to the top.

49 minutes: Andre Souza (Benfica) yellow card. Eric De Mendonca (Sports) was unable to proceed with the bid.

47′: Benfica goes into 5×4 and Chishkara plays the forward goalkeeper.

47′: Tayebi complains about being beaten by a member of the sport. It was a tense moment at the João Rocha pavilion, but everything seems to have been resolved.

47′: Sporting score! Panny Valera uses the rebound to shoot hard behind the net.

47′: Yellow card of Esteban Guerrero (sports).

46′: Another stop for Gitta (Sports) with a shot from Arthur (Benfica).

46′: Great defense by Gitta (sports) against Afonso Jesus (Benfica).

23.17 hours: The second half of overtime begins.

23.17: The end of the first half of overtime. The tie continues (4-4).

45 minutes: Benfica was able to withstand the pressure of one unit less sport and once again gained five players.

44′: The Cardinal (Sports) shot to save Andre Souza (Benfica).

43′: Great save by Andre Souza (Benfica) and shot by Cardinal (Sports)

43′: A goal was shouted at the João Rocha pavilion. Pauleta (Sports) crossed the right side and the Cardinal appeared on the second coast with a header, but he shot a wide shot.

43′: Jacare (Benfica) is sent off after receiving a second yellow card. Decision made after bidding with Eric De Mendonca (Sports).

42′: Pauleta (Sporting) failed to shoot, as ZickyTé (Sporting) did a great job of keeping his opponent out of the way.

42′: Arthur (Benfica) hits the post.

22.03 hours: Overtime begins!

22.55 hours: End of regulated time in Thailand (4-4). Let’s go to the extension.

40 minutes: After Arthur (Benfica) shoots, Gitta (Sports) saves a lot.

40 minutes: The ball came out with a strong shot from Tayebi (Benfica).

39′: Sporting score! In the rehearsed 5×4 play, after a pass from Joan Matos, Cavinato appears in the center of the area and shoots behind the net.

39′: The corner was scored on the left side and Cardinal (Sporting) shot a wide shot.

38′: Chishkara (Benfica) played for Arthur (Benfica), who fired a bomb that stopped at the crossbar.

38′: The fifth foul of sports. Eric De Mendonca (Sports) pulled Rocha (Benfica) to see the yellow card.

37′: Too dangerous for sports. João Matos placed the ball in the area, but Cabinato was unable to dodge the ball with the header.

37′: On the downside, Sporting goes 5×4 and Merlin plays an improvised guardian.

36′: Gitta (sports) saves from the shot of the isolated Thai shrimp (Benfica).

36′: Panny Varela (Benfica) on the right is over the top.

36′: A yellow card was displayed on Tomás Paçó (sports).

34′: The first shot by Cavinato (Sporting) spreads.

34′: Taiyebi’s yellow card.

34′: Marlim (Sports) fired a shot and Jacare (Benfica) cut the ball.

33′: Great coats from Gitta (sports) to Jacare (Benfica) that seemed isolated.

33′: A great cut from Bruno Sintra (Benfica) to Esteban Guerrero (Sports) preparing to score.

32′: Yellow card for Merlin (sports). I touched Bruno Sintra’s face.

32′: Chishkara (Benfica) fired a shot and Bruno Sintra missed the deflection in the far post.

32′: The failure of Panny Varela (Sports) to hit Benfica’s goal crossbar in the area.

31′: Guitta (sports) shot above.

28 minutes: Benfica’s score! Romuro scored a quick out with the first shot by Thai shrimp. The eagle has advantages again (4-3).

28′: Romuro (Benfica) shoots with a free kick, dodges Jicky Te (Sports) and deceives Gitta (Sports), but gets bigger.

27′: Sporting score! The corner scored by Panny Varela (Sports) on the left. Joan Matos (Sports) shot for the first time and was placed behind the goal.

27′: Panny Varela (Sports) aimed for a big save for Andre Souza (Benfica).

23′: Sporting score! Eric De Mendonca appeared in a distant post following the corner from the right and used the rebound to score.

twenty two’: Esteban Guerrero (Sports) shoots to save Andre Souza (Benfica).

twenty one’: Cavinato (sports) shots are wider.

22.02 hours: The game starts!

21.51 hours: Break! Benfica defeated Sporting (3-1) at Pavilao Joan Rocha.

20 minutes: Another good save by Andre Souza (Benfica), this time a shot by Marlim (Sports).

20 minutes: Great moments from two goalkeepers! In the first counterattack, Guitar (Sporting) stains Rômulo (Benfica) and André Sousa (Benfica) saves even bigger with Tomás Paçó (Sporting).

20 minutes: 59 seconds before the break, Benfica reached her fifth foul. Romuro (Benfica) defeated Gicchite (Sports).

19′: Good job by Pauleta (sports), but missed a shot.

18 minutes: After moving, Jacare (Benfica) and Cardinal (Sports) fell to the ground, clung to each other, and finally saw the yellow card.

18 minutes: Another big save by Andre Souza (Benfica), a shot by Merlin.

17 minutes: Jacare (Benfica) approached the goal again and the ball passed by the side of the abandoned goal.

17 minutes: Benfica’s score! Chishkala steals the ball from Erick Mendonça (sports) and hands it to Jacalé (benfica), who wasn’t wasted on Guitara’s face (sports).

14′: Kabinato (Sports) shoots to save Andre Souza (Benfica).

14′: A dangerous shot in which Arthur (Benfica) hits the opponent and betrays Gitta (sports). The ball came out.

11′: Another good save of Andre Souza (Benfica) from a shot by Thomas Paco (Sports).

11′: Benfica’s director, Goncalo alves, turned yellow due to a protest on an eagle bench.

Ten’: Zicky Té (Sporiting) defeated André Sousa (Benfica) with a little skill and found Tomás Paçó (Sporting), who hit the post.

Ten’: Merlin (sports) shot from above.

9 minutes: Benfica’s score! Chishkara takes advantage of the bad pass to Gitta and scores Benfica’s second goal with the goal open.

8′: Cabinato (sports) yellow card after fouling Tayebi.

7′: The confused moment of the match. Andre Souza (Benfica) missed a shot and Eric De Mendonca (Sports) started towards the goal, Afonso Jesus (Benfica) who saw yellow.

6′: Eric De Mendonca’s (sports) free kick came too close to the post.

6′: Another big save by Andre Souza (Benfica). This time, Eric De Mendonca (Sports) shot on away goals.

Five’: Cardinal (Sports) shot after the corner for another good save by Andre Souza (Benfica).

Five’: Pauleta (sports) intense shot after stealing the ball. Defense of Andre Souza (Benfica).

Four’: Following another corner, Eric De Mendonca (Sports) reappears in the front zone, but misses the goal again.

Four’: Taken from above by Eric De Mendonca (Sports).

3′: Sports score! Panny Varela on the left found Esteban Guerrero in the scoring area.

2′: Benfica’s score! Chishkala recovered and Rocha appeared in the middle and shot behind the net. The Brazilian pivot has won the team he was already representing.

1′: Gitta (sports) taken from above.

1′: Benfica’s first shot. Afonso Jezus is a big end.

21:00: Let’s start the game!

20.55 hours: These are the first 5 hours.

Sports: Guitta, João Matos, Erick, Merlin, Cavinato.

Benfica: Andre Souza, Nilsson, Afonso Jezus, Chishkara, Romuro

20.45 hours: The team is already warming up at the João Rocha Pavilion.

In sporting, keep in mind that the injured Gicchite (who hasn’t played since the Champions League final) has returned to the Nuno Diaz option. In Benfica, Robinho was out of the call of Purpis.

This Saturday (9 pm), Sports and Benfica will face each other in the first match of the Futsal Championship final. It was the sixth derby of the season, with Lions winning four times (three of which mean the title of the Nuno Diaz team) and Eagles winning once.

Regular phase leader Sporting (looking for a title for the second year in a row) left Azemis and Fundan on his way to the finals. Benfica (who wants to regain the trophies that have escaped since 2019) has overtaken Leões de Porto Salvo and Eléctrico to make the decision.


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