Ball – Interview: «I have already lost and won the match due to a referee’s error» (basketball)

Returning to coach Benfica from 2004 to 2006, 54-year-old Norbert Auves raised the Ruth emblem to his 28th title after defeating FC Porto in the playoff finals. AA BOLA talked about the ups and downs season, what the players call the boys’ joy, and the outlook for 2022/2023 with the team base and other personality players.

-It’s been four days since we defeated FC Porto in the playoff final (3-1) and won each of Benfica’s first national titles for the third time in the Portuguese League. What are your thoughts at the end of the season?

-I’m more than happy with the people around me, the players, and the management of the club. Club operations have always provided extraordinary support in the decisions we had to make throughout the team readjustment season. I’m very happy. It’s more fun to see the boys’ satisfaction. It was very important to them. There were many games and the season was difficult. We made about 70. We have experienced difficulties, but I think you have to experience them in order to win. Having overcome many injuries to Covid-19, a European participation that robbed training time, it is very important for the club to go to Europe and we want to be better in Europe. It was when we won because everyone was on the same commitment page. I end the season with a clear conscience that I did everything to win, and so did they. I am happy and sometimes emptied. It’s over, it’s weird. It’s like reaching the top of a mountain, and when you get there, you’re done … it’s done!

-The last page of the training book says I’m going to win. Want to talk about this?

-I used notebooks, training files like all coaches and wrote that I’m going to win. Before the playoffs, I showed them that last page. Before that there were a lot of blank pages, games and training, and before one of them showed that the 2022 champion would be us. I must have thought so, but when the final race was over, I deliberately entered the changing room with this notebook to show this page. The page is complete.

-The referee was at the center of the championship problem this season …

-There was a lot of confusion over basketball, but I think we have to see the positive things in life. We need to focus on this sport with great aesthetics, and I would like to talk about movement instead of other parallels. There has been a lot of talk about referees, but I would like to say something very clear to myself. There are always mistakes. Of course it hurts when we lose the competition and feel it is due to the referee’s mistake. But I must say that I was honest and honest and lost the match due to a referee’s mistake, but I also won.

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