Aurelio Pereira: «Now only Cristiano da Sildo, parents want to be Jorge Mendes»-Sporting

Aurelio Pereira, a sports talent “hunter,” said Cristiano Ronaldo will always be a club asset, regardless of whether he returns to Alvarade before his football career ends.

Aurelio Pereira, 37, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Manchester United forward-named academy, admitted that he didn’t know how to “answer” Ronaldo’s potential to return to the club. He formed in 2003 and left, but emphasized the importance of the player’s brand in the formation of sporting.

“I can’t answer such a question. The future is God’s. But he’s always in Sporting. Whether he plays or not, he’s from all of us as humans and athletes. Is considered an asset as an asset, “said Aurelio Pereira. Immediately after the round table with Jose Couceiro, Jose Manuel Torcat and Paulo Bento.

After praising the Academy’s facilities “for the curve,” Aurélio Pereira emphasized Sporting’s desire for “winning teams and winners,” and also praised the role of Rúben Amorim, the current coach of the main team. .. Achieve that goal.

“There is a management strategy and the coach is an employee of the club. He needs to answer that call. Ruben Amorim is a very accessible boy who is interested in training. What’s happening? He Is always attentive, “he revealed.

In addition, when asked who will be the next great “star” to leave the Lions Academy, Aurelio Pereira ensures that he “has more doubts about talent” and harms his training. Of the young people who had the opportunity to leave “thorns” on those who were supposed to.

“Now everywhere is’Cristiano da Silva’and my parents want to be [o empresário de futebolistas] Jorge Mendes. Everyone in Sporting is always talented. Then there are those who have succeeded in overcoming the difficulties and those who have not. The athlete’s personality makes all the difference and keeps you from getting caught up in 10 or 11 year old businessmen, “Aurélio Pereira filmed.

The Sports Academy was established on June 21, 2002 and houses the main sporting professional and youth soccer teams, as well as women’s soccer teams.

Since its inception, the Alvarade Club training system has already celebrated 23 national champion titles at the youth level: 7 under 19 years old, 7 under 17 years old and 9 under 15 years old.

According to information notes released by the club, 65 athletes who have passed the Alcochete facility have already made their debut on the main team of “Lions”.


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