“Amazing, Incredible”: Bainesu 136 | England v New Zealand 2022 praised by Captain Stokes of England

Johnny Bainesu succumbed to New Zealand, giving England a five-wicket victory in his second test at Trent Bridge, producing the 92-ball 136, which Ben Stokes said: “One of the best I’ve ever seen,” he made the daunting orchid look like a trivial matter.

In pursuit of a 299 victory goal, Bainesu entered the dressing room in England 56 with three people in the shade with 57 overs remaining. When he left, they needed 27, who got 27 overs, and the rest were formal.

“I’m incredibly proud of the way the innings are done,” he said. “It wasn’t the only thing, so let’s go to GungHo. It was to choose your time, your moment, and try to change the game.”

Tee was robbed by 4 in England 139 and the game was still balanced, but when play resumed, Bainesu scored 45 points in the next 20 deliveries he faced and barrageed a short ball. Repeatedly thrown into the crowd. “Ben said:” Don’t even think about overthrowing it, just plant it on a stand, “Banesu said. “I was trying to do what the captain said.”

In the UK, he recorded 59 runs from the first four overs of the dizzying final session dominated by Bainesu and Stokes. He was suffering from his many years of knee injuries. -Ball 75.

“There have been some difficult times in the last few years. We are all there and we know the situation they are in,” said Bainesu. “It’s a credit to the guys in the dressing room to entertain the full house at Trentbridge on the fifth day and play this cricket. There was no turning back. Exciting for an exciting journey with us all together. It’s a good start. “

Stokes has played an important role in many of England’s most memorable moments in recent years. In particular, the 2019 World Cup final and the ashtest victory at Leeds the following month, he argued that this victory would set a new highest level in his career.

“I’m having a hard time finding words about what I witnessed there. It was just astounding,” he said. “This blows Headingley and the Road and World Cup finals. Just emotionally and the minute fun I had in the field was incredible. Over 15 this morning. You can’t worry about how you chased 299 with 22 overs left on the fifth day of the test match you had to bowl. It won’t happen again. But if so, try to do it. We are probably there. “

Last year, New Zealand set a goal of 273 in England, surpassing it with 3.5 runs, but did not try to reach it. The contrast between Stokes and Brendon McCallum’s performance under the new, unrepentant and positive management is no longer clear.

“The tea message didn’t stop or leave the game, it just ran into the fear of where the game was,” Stokes said. “That was pretty good.’We either win or lose this game.’But we’re never happy with where we are. Now go to Headingley and be even more positive. In this group of players, the sky is the limit, but you can probably go further. “

Stokes wasn’t the only one having a hard time understanding what he had just witnessed when the dust began to settle. New Zealand thought they were their favorite when they arrived at Trentbridge in the morning. I believed that even if I drank tea, I had a chance to win.

“We tried a few different things after tea, but unfortunately we could deny whatever we tried,” as captain in the absence of self-quarantine Kane Williamson. Tom Latham, who was standing, said. “We were confident we could get some wickets, then got hooked on their bowlers, but sometimes you have to take off your hat on how someone plays. No. One day he might hit one of the guys, but today was Johnny’s day. “

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